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  1. Hello all I had a quick best practice question. I am modifying invoice tpl files in the "pdf" folder. What is the best way of doing this? just change the tpl files in that folder or can I do an override somewhere safer? I have been looking online but cannot see a definite answer. I see how to override existing modules, even core controller files, but not sure about the pdf. Can I just copy the pdf folder to my own module's override folder? (which I prefer) or prestashop's override folder? Adding it to the theme's folder makes me think I could potentially lose my changes if the theme has an update. Any advice would be greatly appreciated as to where exactly to put my modified pdf tpl files. Best wishes Nima
  2. Hi Nemo It works. I created a new cart rule. Added the exact same items to it, one at a time, testing at every step and the whole thing works. The original one still doesn't. Perhaps just a glitch in the matrix!!! Thanks for your time Best wishes Nima
  3. Hi Nemo Thank you for your reply. I have just tried your suggestion and it works, but not my offer. My offer has a few products and specific attributes in it. I am going to try adding them one at a time and see where it breaks. I will post back. Best wishes Nima
  4. Hello all I have a problem with my PS I have setup a cart rule for a bundle (buy A, B & C for £X). What I want is for the customer to add A, B & C to the basket, go to checkout and the discount is shown, but the system doesn't do it automatically. If I add a voucher code, it works showing that the conditions and actions in the cart rule work ok (applies the discount as I have setup and also shows a row in the page with the cart rule name and the discount amount), but it does nothing if I leave the voucher code blank. Can anyone advise on what to do? I thought leaving the voucher section blank, does exactly what I want. Best wishes Nima
  5. Hello all I have been researching this for sometime and I am beginning to think there is a major flaw with the combination generator or rather Prestashop's approach to attributes. I am setting up a shop for a small fast food business. I am stuck at Pizzas. Let's do some numbers: 19 pizzas X 2 different base types X 3 sizes x [choice of 3 toppings and there are 38 toppings], multiplying them together gives me 19 x 2 x 3 x 38 x 38 x 38 = 6,255,408 different combinations in table ps_product_attribute & ps_product_attribute_shop and because there are 5 attributes, it means table ps_product_attribute_combinations needs (5 X 6,255,408 = 31,277,040) entries JUST for Pizzas. These 31 million records get read upon the load of the home page and my webserver, a fairly powerful, high resource server, cannot even load the page (it times out). In the meantime, I am tweaking with MySQL memory allocation and so on, but 43 million records in total for just 19 pizzas, just sounds wrong.There are other platforms which do not need to create every single permutation of attributes. Am I missing something obvious here? Surely, this is not the first business which has products with 5 attributes. This is a last minute discovery when we are almost ready to go live and I am dreading the thought of starting this project all over again from scratch with a different platform. Can anyone, please help? Best wishes Nima
  6. Hello all I am having problems using product combination generator (PCG) the way I want to. I am setting up PS for a Pizza store. Here is an example of a problem: Pizzas have 3 sizes - attribute 1 - size (S, M, L) You can add 3 toppings to your pizza - attribute 2 - extra toppings (ham, mushroom, etc..) each extra topping has an extra charge but based on size e.g. small pizza (no extra toppings) £5.00 (ok) medium pizza (no extra toppings) £6.00 (ok) small pizza (1 extra topping) £5.50 (not ok) medium pizza (1 extra topping) £7.00 (not ok) I can add extra charge for the toppings but it applies to all sizes. I cannot say extra topping with small pizza is £0.50 and the same extra topping with medium pizza is £1.00 and so on. I can think of many industries and endless scenarios where price impact of one attribute is dependent on the value of another attribute. Is there no way of doing this? I cannot enter them manually (faaaaaaaar too many combinations) and now I think the only way is for me to write some code generate these combinations myself and then insert them to DB. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Best wishes Nima
  7. Hi Markillos Thank you for your reply. I disabled and re-enabled it which didn't work. Then tried to downgrade the module which didn't work. It is now back to the original 1.6. Is that what you meant? Best wishes Nima
  8. Hello all I have upgraded a store from 1.5 to and I just cannot get any product features to come up on the home page no matter how many places in the code or backoffice and internet I checked. so far I have: checked products still belong to home category featuredproducts module is enabled and configured to show products from the correct category (default of 2 for home) I followed this link suggesting I may have to downgrade this module http://mypresta.eu/en/art/issues/updated-prestashop-modules-not-work.html disabled and re-enabled the module and it still doesn't work. The closest I have come to it is installing this free module http://mypresta.eu/modules/front-office-features/featured-products.html which is great, but it shows me product image, price and description, just like category page. Can anyone advise me please? I have had to put the store in maintenance mode. Best wishes Nima
  9. Hi guys Did you manage to solve this problem? I am in a similar position where I have added the line of code to my header.tpl. I can see it appearing on the pages when looking at the page source, but I still cannot validate this through GA. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated Best wishes Calvin
  10. Hi Just found out how to do it. I cannot do it through cart rule, but I can do it through catalog price rule, just set the "from quantity" to "2" , "reduction type" to "percentage" and the "reduction" to "10" and voila!!! Worked like a charm Hope this helps someone else
  11. Hello and happy Easter everyone I am running PS 1.5.6 and need to setup a discount as follows: buy two of any items and get 10% off (basically on any product, buy two of them and get 10% off) I cannot seem to be able to set this up in Cart rule. Am I doing something wrong or is this not possible natively in PS and I need to get a separate module? Please let me know Best wishes Teddy's dad
  12. Hello all I have upgraded one of my few PS 1.5.6 sites to PS All seems well, but I cannot get the emails to work. The shop is on the same server as all the other sites. All the sites are using the same Exchange server with SMTP with the same server details and 2 of them with the same username and password. All work, except for my newly upgraded 1.6 I just get "Error: Please check your configuration". I even tried the steps mentioned in this link http://www.presto-changeo.com/en/content/9-fix-email-problems but this didn't help either. I have been looking for any logs either on PS or my server that could possibly give me a clue, but nothing. I have given up trying to troubleshoot this. Can anyone help please? I am getting desperate here. Best wishes Teddy's dad
  13. Hi Yes and thanks Mortenborg. I started to update manually and after each update I did an update all to see when it will work. For me it started to work once I had 36 updates left. It would be nice if someone could shed some light on what is happening and if there is a server configurable parameter that can be changed to fix this issue. If it helps, my setup was an upgrade from 1.5.6 Best wishes
  14. Also what's worse is that the "bulk action" button only has install and uninstall and not update. Suppose you only want to update some but not all of the modules, the bulk action would have come really handy... Any ideas anyone?
  15. Hi I have the same issue. I have checked permission levels on the modules folder and its subfolders. All is well. Looks like I have to do all 69 of them manually... sigh...
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