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  1. Hi, You should first import just the basic the products. For example T-shirt, Sweater. Then create the combinations for them. If your T-Shirt's id is 1. And you have it in black and red and in sizes S, M, L, your combinations CSV should look something like this: Product ID;Attribute;Value 1;Color:color:1,Size:select:1;Black:1,S:1; 1;Color:color:1,Size:select:2;Black:1,M:2; 1;Color:color:1,Size:select:3;Black:1,L:3; 1;Color:color:2,Size:select:1;Red:2,S:1; 1;Color:color:2,Size:select:2;Red:2,M:2; 1;Color:color:2,Size:select:3;Red:2,L:3;
  2. I solved my problems the hard way. I created a script that translates them directly into the database.
  3. Hello! I'm facing some difficulties importing attributes in 2 languages. I tried to upload first the English and then the Bulgarian csv file, but it crated 2 attributes for each. For example I had color and цвят (which means color in Bulgarian). The same worked well when I uploaded the products, but then i had the ID and i kept it the same. When I import a combination there is not a field for ID How should I do it? Georgi PS: I'm using Prestashop 1.5
  4. Hello, I'm creating a module for PrestaShop1.4 which needs to upload pictures and want to resize them after uploading. How can I use the sizes and settings in Back Office > Preferences > Images ? Thanks!
  5. I'm using Prestashop 1.4.7 and I want to add Cyrillic letters in the friendly url. I changed the regular exressions in admin.js and Validate.php but it still doesn't work. Now I can save the products with url in Cyrillic but when i try to open it i get a 404 error. I think the problem is in the .htaccess file but I cannot find the solution.
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