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  1. Hi djkavaa, Thank you for your input, it is much appreciated. I will also give this a try and see how it goes. Many Thanks
  2. Still no help on this subject, The fix that I used did work for a short while and then went back to the normal messed up look, maybe Prestashop want us to pay for a fix or an answer?
  3. Hi DesignHause, Bingo, I added an extra {/if} as you suggested and now when Force compile is turned on the product page loads. The Attachment tab also has the added in text. Although it has also added the download link twice. What could be causing the downloads link to duplicate? The code from my product.tpl is: {if $attachments} Click the links below to download the PDF samples: <ul id="idTab9" class="bullet"> {foreach from=$attachments item=attachment} <li><a href="{$link->getPageLink('attachment.php', true)}?id_attachment={$attachment.id_attachment}">{$attachment.name|escape:'htmlall':'UTF-8'}</a><br />{$attachment.description|escape:'htmlall':'UTF-8'}</li> {/foreach} {/if}
  4. Hi DesignHaus42, I did as you said and there was an error message, I have copied and pasted the error into a word document as I do not want the site to be ranked on Google via a post. How would I correct this error? Fatal error.doc
  5. No luck I'm afraid, I received the same outcome as when I switched on Force Compile as I did manually removing the files (but not index.php) in the compile folder. The product simply doesn't display, see attachment: Everyone's help is much appreciated. All I want is a heading under the Attachment Tab. That says : Download files by clicking on link below: Cheers Guys
  6. Hi math_php and DesignHaus42 , I added the new code kindly provided by Math_php and turned off the cache and there was no change, I then turned on force compile and refreshed my page and found the the product page wouldnt display so I had no choice but to turn force complie off. Is there anything I am missing? Many Thanks guys, your help is very much appreciated.
  7. Heey Mr Math_Php, Thanks for your help with this, I have tryed your suggestion and it didnt work for me. I have also tryed the same thing but with <p> Click the link below to download attachements</p> and also tryed <li> Click the link below to download attachements </li> But no luck, do you have any more suggestions? if you do I will be very greatfull Many Thanks,
  8. Hi Guys, My problem is that my clients on my prestashop website click the attachments tab for a product and simply do not see the small bullet point link to the attached file. What I would like to do is simply add header text above the bulletpoint attachment link that says: Downloads: (click the link below to download attachments) However I am having some trouble in doing this, can anybody help me? Many Thanks in advanced.
  9. Any help? clearly not, thanks prestashop for a disappointing experience I think I will have to take my business to Magento
  10. Same problem here, I edited the script : to And tried again, it seemed to work until paypal forwarded me back to my prestashop website, and shown me this message: Any help on this would come in very handy, I did not think prestashop would be so difficult to setup a pretty standard payment method. Cheers guys.
  11. Thanks miyco, I was sure I had already tried this so I downloaded a fresh copy of Prestashop and used the order_conf.html and new_order.html From the fresh download. Replaced my old files and bingo! Many Thanks
  12. Hi, I am having a similar problem however I am using the EN language, I have left a post here : http://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/168022-customers-invoice-email-bug/page__p__819366?do=findComment&comment=819366 but no help yet. Do you guys know what is going on here? Cheers
  13. Hi, I have searched high and low and could not find a solution to my problem. I have installed Prestashop and added a custom theme. When I tested the website with a sale the email invoice (HTML) version that gets sent to the customer comes through all messed up (see attached image) The only thing I have done is changed the colours, I have tried a few things but no luck. Any help with this would be most appreciated. Cheers Guys.
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