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  1. Hi, You can contact me to help you develop this requirement.
  2. It may be related to the environment configuration of your google cloud server. Please check nginx or apache configuration!
  3. Please check you register form added with enctype="multipart/form-data" attribute
  4. I am an experienced php developer, but new to prestashop and trying to learn, also cann't help you, do not know the price of build a shop with prestashop.
  5. The best way to solve this problem is to calculate the amount of time spent function in the php code used to track the code is too time-consuming, can also be used to exclude the problem of server space
  6. you can create a new file address1.php in the prestashop root dir then call it in address1.php
  7. if you want to put the controller file not into the controllers folder ,you can put it in the path override/controllers.
  8. First question please show the wrong line number , Under normal circumstances self::$smarty written in this way there are no errors
  9. you can write a new method in address1controller.php like this: public function runmain() { $this->init(); $this->preProcess(); $this->process(); $this->displayContent(); } and in address1.php,you can call like this: ControllerFactory::getController('Address1Controller')->runmain(); it will don't show header and footer
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