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  1. Hi Anders, I just came across this post accidentally, we've already solved this some time ago so this is rather to answer opened questions here - Yes, I developed this module (Zelarg) and OPC module does work with other languages, in this case there was most probably parsing issue in Norwegian translation file which I suggested to edit manually or remove and let Prestashop recreate the file and it's been confirmed it worked then. Regards, -peter.
  2. Hi Dan, I just came across this post coincidentally. I'm the module developer and you've been in contact with me. Looking back I admit my response was too short without asking for further inputs, but that wasn't meant to be "case closed" answer, I'm sorry for that. I've got quite a few messages lately so I guess I replied some of them a bit in hurry. OPC module is definitely supported on IE7+, but this problem simply doesn't occur on any installation, so I need to find specifics of your setup to resolve this issue. Please contact me on my support email directly - [email protected], so we can settle this down. What regards cutting off the communication, that's caused by communication interface on Addons, and believe me, it annoys also me, especially when I make reply and it can be blocked without my knowledge (I guess for validation) for several days and customer is complaining he hasn't received an answer. Understandably, Addons admins don't want to see sharing emails / links / phone number as pre-sale activity, and your case BTW is in my Seller account interface marked as pre-sale (I guess probably because you post a message when you weren't logged in). My support email is printed in UserGuide on every page, displayed on many places in forum and my site, so I guess it's not hidden to anyone. So please get back to me for further details. -peter.
  3. Hi mmsh, What regards that bug, johntitor have updated results of investigation: What regards currency restriction, this should be handled by payment module and / or currencies restriction in PS configuration. And lastly, whether it's better then default OPC - I believe it is, otherwise I wouldn't make it. This OPC module offers great configurability and extends checkout form features to new level. Also should there be any integration issues with theme or third party modules, I'm here to help.
  4. If you mean One page checkout module by me (Zelarg), in case you have support license, you can get version for PS 1.4.x for free through my web site, it's here: http://canin.sk/prestashop/presta-modules/21-one-page-checkout.html
  5. Hi rvnetwork, Sure, OPC mod works fine with all PS version since 1.2.1 (1.2.1-1.2.5, 1.3.0-1.3.7, 1.4.0-
  6. Hi Lee, I agree it took very long to reply, I relied on email notifications from this forum and it failed and I understand you went on with other solution in the meantime. One note to "order-confirmation" - it works with most payment modules, but some need additional configuration if they don't hit this page. I still think though, everything that matters is page hits you see in GA account, no matter what checkout process you use.
  7. Hi Lee, GA configuration in PM is screenshot from my GA account, and it's proven to work. Goal URL is correct, it's set as regexp match for broader and more flexible match. From what you've written, I think you didn't give it a shot anyway and you don't plan to, so let's settle this down - send me your order id or email you used to order through PM so I can issue refund.
  8. Hi Lee, Sorry I haven't replied earlier, as ysco pointed out, it's been purely because I didn't know about your post here (notification emails sometimes don't arrive, weird!) Conversion tracking is ensured by Google Analytics tool, OPC module is transparent here, what it changes is only page names in funnel, but what funnel actually means must be set in GA. So if you see page hits in your GA account, then OPC module did its job, now there's time to configure it properly in GA. I'm sending you my goal configuration (one of possible ways..) through PM, please check it out. As I consider myself honest seller, I wouldn't have problem to refund you, however, I'd be more happy if we could work out solution for you, that's in our best interest I believe. Please check your PM Inbox for additional information.
  9. Hi Lee, The option 'GA checkout form tracker' serves only as additional tracking information of user's checkout form fill in - it generates page visits when leaving particular field and in GA you can track most problematic field in top exit pages. Tracking of transactions and goal conversion rates is ganalytics module responsibility, what OPC does here is just changing page URL a bit. Transaction tracking happens in /order-confirmation.php in orderConfirmation hook. So I guess there could be two problems: - out of some reason, GA module is not properly hooked on checkout page and does not generate page hits - goal / funnel is not configured properly in GA account To verify this, please have a look in your GA account if there are page hits with order.php?step=1 or /order/step1.html, and if so, focus on proper goal / funnel configuration. You can also send me more thorough description of your original GA funnel setup and new one on OPC so I could review it.
  10. Hi Sami, In Prestashop 1.3+, edit file /order.php, somewhere around line 1062 there is: $cms = new CMS(*3*, intval($cookie->id_lang)); $link_conditions = $link->getCMSLink($cms, $cms->link_rewrite); So just change '3' to whatever.
  11. Hi cree8tor, Check your email, I've just replied to you with module attached, most probably download link was wrongly assumed as .html file instead of .zip in your email client. Again sorry for delays, I was out of the city this weekend.
  12. Hi nortom, As agreed by email, due to time constraints, your payment has been refunded. Version for PS 1.4. will be prepared soon.
  13. Hi All, Thanks to ysco, I was notified about activity in this thread, forum notifications seems to be again broken for me, even though I'm subscribed to this thread properly. (BTW - does it happen to anyone else around here, or it's just me?) @ charrabennett: Reading your comments it really seems you have not my module - in BO it's called "One page checkout" (not Fast checkout) and it definitely doesn't require Zend Optimizer. Who did you contact? (please provide email address / contact page). My email address is prestamodules at gmail.com, or contact page at http://canin.sk/prestashop and I haven't received any refund request for quite a time. @ vhea: What is the status of issue with Paypal redirection? If it isn't solved yet, please contact me by email with further details. @ Kouros: You reported that you don't receive full information about order in email (as administrator) - please also contact me by email with further details as this is not normal and you should receive it just fine. Please note, that these emails are sent by email notification module, so there may be some discrepancy also there.
  14. Hi, In productcommentsanonymous.tpl there is set div id="idTab5", so you can control it's display options via CSS through this id.
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