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  1. hello. did you solve this issue? i am facing the exact thing.
  2. has any one found a solution for writing the tags in the head section? thank you
  3. have you managed to do someting about this bug?
  4. nu. motiv pentru care am trecut la mobilpay, care au modul
  5. buna ziua exista disponibil comercial un modul gata implementat pt acceptarea platii online prin procesatorul epayment? multumesc
  6. interesant. intr adevar acolo nu se incarca decat tplul respectiv.
  7. hello i want to place the content of product.tpl in a fancybox popup, accesible from any product-list i dont want to replace the product page, but to duplicate it and get rif of all the columns, main menu and so on. can anyone guide me on the right path? thank you
  8. salut vreau sa replic un modul vazut mai de mult [ pe care nu il mai gasesc acum] si anume in product listuri, la click pe imagine sa nu se deschida pagina de produs, ci un popup care sa contina numai product.tpl. partea cu popupul am reusit sa o rezolv. dar acum in popup sunt prezente si niste lucruri nedorite precum meniul de sus, left column, etc] ma poate ghida careva cum as putea face?
  9. hello we a have a problem in our prestashop implementation. only SOMETIMES we do not receive the 'new order' mail. the client ALWAYS gets he's mail. the big problem is that we can't replicate the bug. it is happening using the same account, the same product, the same quantity, the same computer. i know that mailalerts.php is sending out that mail, but can someone help me narrow the search or replicate the bug... or maybe some one had a similar problem. thank you
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