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  1. Hi, I want to use the Management of the Images inside each Product and just to display it as FlipBook, so I think JQuery can also be useful here, I don't need an Admin control, I want the Addon to use existing images and to display it inside FlipBook. It's possible? Thanks...
  2. Hi, I'm looking for a Free Add-on to have the Product images part of a Flipbook, Means if I have many images on the same Product, I want to replace the existing functionality of Display the images using JQuery to be replaced with FlipBook. Who can Advice on something like that? in Wordpress there's lot of Free modules like that, why it's hard to find something in Prestashop? Thanks...
  3. Hi, I'm facing one more issue regarding the RTL, Please see Attachment, Write a Comment popup is not RTL and the Stars CSS not valid. Can you check and Advice please? Thanks, Rabia
  4. Hi, I want to Hide from all other Profiles Employees to see my SuperAdmin Username in the Administration --> Employees screen --> Employees List. Can someone explain how to do that using code or any other option? Please see attachment, I want to hide the row that surrounded in RED. Thanks... Sincerely yours, Rabia
  5. Hi, I purchase the Module, but facing the following issue: 1. Attributes are added successfully, but in the Product screen No Product Options are available, Please advise what I need to do here? 2. I can't set Attribute to be as File Upload, Actually the whole Module Do not affected when I'm clicking on the "Update Button" inside the Module Configuration screen. Thanks and waiting for your Help... Rabia
  6. Hi Prestashop Members and Supervisors, I wonder if the following Flow is available... I need to Add many Attributes to one Product without Any Combinations, That thing is working fine and I can see and select all those Attributes in the Product Screen. But, When Adding it to Cart, it gets only the First Attribute, That Products contains lot of Combinations and the System is Crashed when trying even to save those Combinations. Meanwhile, I don't really want to use Paid Modules such as Attribute Wizard Pro and others... So, My very small question, Is there any Option to Add all those Attributes without Combinations to the Cart per Product? I appreciate your help and advises... Sincerely yours, Rabia
  7. Hi NashControl, It was perfect for both, Everything is works as design! Happy holidays to everyone Thanks.. Rabi
  8. Hi, I'm facing one issue here, I have 3 Languages Website, only those RTL (Hebrew) facing issue with the Arrows in the Buttons (Green and Gray buttons) - All the Arrows still displayed as in English so it's in the Wrong Direction. Can you advise here where is the problem exactly? Thanks... Rabi
  9. Hi, Can we just turn it's status to Off instead of removing it?! Thanks... Rabia
  10. Hi, Catalog Mode is not Helping Here, cause it will remove all the Cart Functionality, I need something simple, The customer for example want to Order a Business Card, He can select all the Combination he wants then to Order his Business Card. The Process will not show the customer any Prices for now, I want to Manage the orders only without any payment cause it will be picked up from my store! Can you advise accordingly please?! Thanks... Rabia
  11. Hi, I want to configure my shop to be available for anyone of my Customers without to pay throw the Website, and I don't want to see a Prices too in the Cart, means I want to use the Cart feature to follow up an Order. I want customer to set an order without paying anything and of course without seeing all those Buttons of the payments and paypal and Credit card.. so on.. Please Advise how to configure that?! Thanks... Rabia
  12. SOLUTION FOR THE DEFECT: Download the file AdminTranslations.php from the following link: http://svn.prestashop.com/trunk/admin-dev/tabs/AdminTranslations.php Sometimes, According your hosting server php settings, you may got the following error message: Warning, your hosting provider limits the maximum number of fields to post in a form: 1000 for max_input_vars Please ask your hosting provider to increase the suhosin post and request limit to 1578 at least. or edit the translation file manually. If so, Please edit the php.ini file settings and just add/edit the max_input_vars and set it a value more than 1578. for example: max_input_vars = 2000; If the Error still there, please consider to copy the php.ini to the admin folders!! TESTED ON PRESTASHOP, VERSION - TEST PASSED SUCCESSFULLY. Enjoy it Sincerely yours, Rabia Abu Hanna Tarbon.com Tarbon.net
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