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  1. Hey guys, thanks for getting back to me. I did a bunch of redirects in the htaccess file a couple of weeks back - I've removed them and everything's working ok now. Do you guys know why this would be the case? I really would like the redirects to work (there were 300+ of them) but if it affects the rest of the site, I can't really have them! Here's the 301 redirect coding I used that caused the problemo... RewriteRule ^RedirectPageFrom.htm http://www.RedirectPageTo.com/thisdidntwork.html [R=301,L] They were placed right at the start of the .htaccess file. Any ideas why this didn't work? Thanks again!
  2. Hey y'all, On the site I'm working on - www.zeliahorsley.com/shop - there's a bunch of links to CMS pages (as you'd expect) on the frontpage of the site, both in the header of pages and in the footer. Unfortunately, for some reason they're currently redirecting to the homepage and I just can't figure out why. I've recently changed the URL settings but can't say for sure whether this change happened then. All i know is that customers can't access customer reviews, return policy, delivery information - basically the essentials that need to work. I'm kinda desperate so if anyone can help, please do!!! Thanks, Paul
  3. Hey Vekia, thanks for answering my questions (again! haha) So, yeah, medium_default is on my image list and it is associated with categories...
  4. In the site I administer, the images of the subcategories which appear at the bottom of a categories, don't seem to want to work. I've tried playing with the category.tpl coding and I've had no joy... You can see what I mean at the bottom of this page... http://zeliahorsley.com/shop/7-bracelets I'm using the ClassicShop theme btw
  5. Vekia, you are a true gentleman - it worked a treat! Thanks!
  6. Hi there peeps! The site I administer is currently using the ClassicShop theme but I have an issue with the front page and how the theme renders the product titles. Currently it displays a "..." if it deems the product title too long. Thing is, sometimes they aren't too long and it cuts part off part of the product title when it kinda doesn't need to. Question is, how can I change this? To see what I mean, head over to www.zeliahorsley.com/shop and take a look at the top line of featured products... Thanks!! Paul
  7. Hey y’all. I’m looking to purchase a web hosting solution using a dedicated webserver for the first time and would love some pointers from the UK-based market as I’d like to keep things local and I’m in the UK! So, do you know of any UK-based dedicated server hosting companies that are good? Why are they good? Any advice would be really appreciated! Thanks in advance. Paul
  8. So I'm trying to set up a Catalog Price Rule for my shop but whenever I do, it shows the price of the product as £0.00 - whatever discount I put on it this always happens. It goes into the cart perfectly so I would assume there's an issue with the Product page's coding but I can't for the life of me work it out! This is REALLY urgent and a major issue PLease help!!
  9. Ben, you're a superstar! It looks as though it's worked a treat! Thanks so much, it's really appreciated
  10. Hey Ben, thanks for getting back to me! Here's what's on line 342.... '.Shop::addSqlAssociation('product_attribute', 'pa', false).'
  11. Hey y'all, Hope you're all well and having a great day! I need some help on the site I'm working on.... Basically, when I go to the product list by manufacturer, it shows a price of a combination - not the default price that appears on the product page and is specified in the backoffice... Is this a cache issue as this happened when we first started inputting products and it just straightened itself out after a while? The site is to launch soon but I don't want this to happen once it's launched! To see what I mean please click here: , note the price shown and then click on a product - you'll see on the product page that it's not the same! Please help!!! Paul
  12. Hi there, I've got quite a unique problem with the client I'm putting a prestashop together for and I'd really like some advice/ideas on what I can suggest. Trust me, it seems to make no common sense but, alas, some problems dont! One of manufacturers that my client stocks is dead against selling their products online and doesn't allow companies that stock them to show any prices of their products on their websites. Instead, they want customers to call the distributors, such as my client, and get a price over the phone. Unsurprisingly, this manufacturer is my client's biggest seller. There's a strategy that my client is considering whereby the prices are up over weekends but not during weekdays as this is when he'll get most sales and when the manufacturer is least likely to notice. Basically, I was wondering whether there is an easy way of removing prices from a whole bunch of products by this manufacturer without having to go into each product and uncheck 'Available for order' and 'Show Price'? Any alternative ideas and advice would be most appreciated.
  13. Vekia, You are my knight in shining armour. Thanks so much, have a great weekend. Paul
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