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  1. Hello! I made a wrong last time... The more information set to privacy policy is works well and drop me into the page we want... BUT The accept button drop into a "https://www.mysyte.com/undefined" link where is a 404 error of course ------------- 1. PHP version: 7.3.27-1~deb10u1 Memory: 1024M, MySQL engine: InnoDB MySQL connection: DbPDO, MySQL version: 10.3.27-MariaDB-0+deb10u1 2. no 3 . fresh install of ps module position is set to floating left, set to edgeless (but anyhow I change setting te result is same): when click on accept drop into an mysite/undefined page Please advise
  2. Hello ! Thanks for the module, but unfortunately the accept button setup to privacy policy page of my site, but call an undefined link.... https://www.mysite.com/undefined of course this link runs to a 404 page... What should be a problem please?? We use PS Please advise or fix this if you can... Thanks in advance
  3. Hello Erik! Unfortunately I do not remember how did I solved this problem sorry... But you right as I used always firefox and worked on mac just like you.... Regards Fitgira
  4. Hello Presta fans! I have a small isuue after upgrading to latest the sent emails ("in_transit.html, bankwire etc...) received with a wrong character encoding as placed a test order. every email has a good content, but the subject is wrong as we use "áéíóőúöű" letters in our language Is there any idea how to fix it please??? thanks in advance
  5. Finally I found the bug in ps_shoppingcart module! If someone need, just roll back the 2.0.2 version that works perfect.. (a bit strange on github seen that 2.0.3 version made because of this bug,
  6. Hi! I found a new bug in PS 1.7. If any of a product customization field added in BO (does not matter if required or not - tested) push the add to cart button on FO and a popup appear "not enought product in stock" (however the product added to the cart, but this message popup insead of popup cart (contioue or proceed to checkout ect...) Any idea please, it would be urgent! Thanks
  7. Hello! Please someone tell me to understand how to re-setting the themes layout list, as category setting somehow disappeared from it. in the /theme/config/theme.yml file contains but in the BO -Theme/ edit layout page do not show the category line and can not set the left column category pages only appears in full width someone please explain to me the depedencies or provide som' way to solve it.. THX we use PS and a custom theme
  8. Unfortunately this isn't work as can not delete the delivery fee whatever I refresh the page...
  9. Hello! Since we use PS 1.7.x I found a kind of feature bug, and maybe you know the solution, or understand my problem at all: Example: - cutomer use simple COD for pay (with no extra fee on it) - customer choosen GLS delivery (setting is: delivery 10 €, but free if spend above 100€) - customer order 3 items (70 + 40 + 10 = 120€) - we found the 40€ item is missing from our store and offer another item to the customer for 45€ (he/she accept it) Right now the problem: - we edit the placed order in the BO 1. delete the 40€ item from the order the total cost will be 70+10 = 90€ and the system automaticaly add + 15€ delivery cost 2. search and add the other item to the order (45€) and the final value will be 70 + 45 + 10 + 15= 140€ It means the delivery fee added to the order and do not delete it, can not delete it! any idea please??
  10. Dear El! Thanks for your suggestion, but unfortunately {php} functions deprecated in smarty 3 (and wanted to avoid modify the sources like tpl files in our shop...) finaly looks like I have to convert my php codes to js and call them with ajax... Right now I have to find out how to do that 😮 Thanks anyway...
  11. Hello! I 've write a simple bootstrap 4 html + php code to place it into every product page! It means simple <?php mysqli connect + echo'... ?> between div tags, nothing special... (Must write a php code because echo the informations from a separated database - what always change) There is may way to put codes for a desired hooks (contentbox 1.7, template featured html, css, js solutions) the problem is php codes not works even html purifier is switched off... Please if anyone have any idea how to solve this situation, advise me... Any idea would be appreciated THX!
  12. Hello! The idea is great as simple is it! Thanks for the module... Unfortunately something with the css because broke the site... please see attached image!
  13. No, you have absolutely right! Any of amodule I tried in the past caused some trouble... as you advice, that is why I decided delet all the things manually!
  14. Nop, the truth is I delete every customers, orders and carts from the shop, but thank you
  15. Hello Fellaz' Here is a file you requested as use AND for words not OR !!! Remember I use t under PS 1.7.5, but may work on your revision too...!!!!! Just find the original file in website root/classes folder (make a backup!!!!) and replace with it. Do a try and search a complex word or expression Search.zip
  16. Hello, hello The mr, and ms title can be disabled in the BO I know, but decide wanna use just 1 field for a neme That means I renamed the lastname section to "Your full name", and want to hide/delete/disable the First name section on the registration form! Please sugges where can I find it, which tpl contains as I do not find, even it has any depedencies to other files/settings please tell me. Thanks
  17. Hello! Thanks for your suggests, finaly I had to delete manualy the customers
  18. Hi Folks! Could anyone suggest me a module or a tested mysql query to delete all the customers and orders from our shop (but leave unaffected the products) please help me find something works under ps 1.7.5 Thanks
  19. Hi Folks! under PS 1.6 we used a paid module that shows a recommended product add to cart even on checkout page. We used it to tell customers "Please add a small amount as a virtual product" into your cart to suport children foundations as a charity.... Unfortunately this module not works anymore under ps 1.7 Can anyone sggest a free or paid module that simple shows an additional product when add to cart popup, and checkout pages appear??!!! Please help as is really important before Christmas season... Thanks in advance
  20. Hello! ((I see a serious problem on this forum, as many chinese?! spam injected into the general topics again.)) Please advise what should be a problem with the tex counting in the most fresh release ( simply not counting whatever the tax amount is. Of course the setting are okay, but net and gross price is a same.. PLease help me find a solution if any, or point me a bug report Thanks
  21. Hi! I have a problem with PS as a fresh installed system. we have only 1 tax rule should apply to a product, but it not count and not show even in back office and of course front office shows net price. of course tax rules set correctly and tax switched on! What should be a problem? However, since PS team has no solution for a ,00 decimals, just if hacked the core file :(( Thanks in advance
  22. you should post your server's information and maybe check out folder and file permissions as 755 for folders and 644 for files, but sometimes upgrade change them to 777 and 666
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