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  1. Just downloaded from your site but it still says v.2.1.
  2. Hello Shacker, do you have live link for v2.2 here? Best regards,
  3. [Free Module] Xtreme cache

    You have to make this folder inside the module's folder and make it 777 so the module can write it's database inside.
  4. [Free Module] Xtreme cache

    When I download from github I get a version 1.0.5 or 6... And it matter of fact those versions appear slower than my native noncached version. I'll test today further but yesterday those were my results.
  5. [Module] Page Cache - speed up your shop

    Try this in config.php: /* Debug only */ if ($_SERVER['QUERY_STRING'] == 'error') { define('_PS_MODE_DEV_', true); }else{ define('_PS_MODE_DEV_', false); and then for profiling: if ($_SERVER['QUERY_STRING'] == 'profile') { define('_PS_DEBUG_PROFILING_', true); }else{ define('_PS_DEBUG_PROFILING_', false); } on PS the script starts as follows: /* Debug only */ if ($_SERVER['QUERY_STRING'] == 'error') { define('_PS_MODE_DEV_', true); }else{ define('_PS_MODE_DEV_', false); } /* Compatibility warning */ define('_PS_DISPLAY_COMPATIBILITY_WARNING_', false); if (_PS_MODE_DEV_ === true) { @ini_set('display_errors', 'on'); @error_reporting(E_ALL | E_STRICT); define('_PS_DEBUG_SQL_', true); } else { @ini_set('display_errors', 'off'); define('_PS_DEBUG_SQL_', false); } if ($_SERVER['QUERY_STRING'] == 'profile') { define('_PS_DEBUG_PROFILING_', true); }else{ define('_PS_DEBUG_PROFILING_', false); } define('_PS_MODE_DEMO_', false); $currentDir = dirname(__FILE__); This way when you enter ?profile and ?error at the end of an URL you'll get the required information. You can change with more secret word because this approach is pretty well known now and many shops use it.
  6. Use apcu and you'll have no problems and better performance.
  7. That's strange. Did you follow post update instructions correctly (clear cashe, regenerate cookies, etc.)? If so do you use some modules that may get in the way of URL rewriting? Do you experience any other issues? Try renaming .htaccess file and check if you have such issues.
  8. This release SHOULD NOT break anything! Please backup first!
  9. Such a shame. What do you mean by "the direction of..." The direction of development and future releases or?
  10. Everything is OK for me there also. The customer can create new address, changes city, post code, country. Everything is displayed right away when the customer gets to /addresses or in the address itself (when editing). Is your browser cache enabled and configured properly?
  11. If I point my browser to domain 2 without www it redirects me to domain 1 If I have www. infront everything is OK. What should I add to my htaccess to point all visitors to my domain2 site to www version?
  12. I'm currently on php7 with latest apcu and I fail to see similar issues. As soon as we receive an order everything is shown in BO, all emails are sent. The notification on top takes a while to show if we don't refresh the current BO page but this is normal I think. I had the same behavior with PHP 5.6 and APC... Haven't tested much with memcache
  13. Very strange issue. What version of APC or apcu are you both using? Also which PS version?
  14. Why can't I post new topics?

    I was able to post a new topic only by editing my post content. Please see here: https://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/552316-using-non-wildcard-ssl-on-site-and-media-servers/?p=2393703 If on point 4 I make the static1.domain.com link without space it redirects me to home page or just don't save the edited post. Probably some bug?!
  15. Hello Recently I've stumbled upon this idea - to use my ordinary single domain SSL on my site and add media server subdomains of it using letsencrypt.org SSLs. I've tested in on my site and it's running well. All images are displaying after I added the rewrite URL settings for the new domain to the .htaccess file. So the configuartion is as follows: 1. domain.com - pointing to homepage 2. SSL for domain.com and www.domain.com only 3. static1.domain.com - pointing to homepage too - so this way when new image or .js or .css if uploaded it will access it 4. added static 1.domain.com to homepage's .htaccess file under image category (just copy and paste the whole section and add your subdomain to the urls) 5. added static1.domain.com to the media server list. 6. cleared cache 7. voila - the site is still HTTPS with green icon, no errors other than this strange thing for a font that don't have permision to access but the site displays OK still. Orders are going in, etc. Please can you test and submit your results! Using non-wildcard SSL on site and media servers