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  1. Guys, I have a unique requirement. The requirement is as follows : I want to add a functionality of delivery slots during checkout. The delivery slots lets say are D1( 9am to 11am), D2(1pm to 3pm) and D3 (6pm to 8pm) Now during checkout i want clients to choose the delivery slots, but i want a time gap of 12 hours between the buy time and delivery slots. For example if i buy a product at 9pm, then i will be able to choose all the 3 time slots for the next day for delivery. But if i buy the product at 10pm then i gut only D2 and D3 as available time slots. Is there a module available? If not can someone help me build one? Thanks in advance. Hoping for your support. Regards. K.D.
  2. Is there a way to give the functionality of free samples. Which can be selected by the customer. Like, If a customer buys a product worth say $100. He will get to choose a free sample. And ever $100 purchases he makes, he can have that many free samples. Which again can be selected as per his preferences.
  3. Hey guys i want to make a module that gives an option to choose a free samples. These samples will be shipped along with the purchased product. Also i would like to make a widget that docks at the right bottom of the page which can be clicked to open up and then the customer can choose which sample to order. I want it similar to zopim interface. Also is there a module that gives the buyer an option to select free samples. Some module on these grounds? Thanking you guys in advance.
  4. Hey guys thanks for your replies. I will read your guide and work on it. Also great explaination @"AFemaleProdigy" ..
  5. For me the url is http://www.yourshopname.com/validation.php
  6. Guys i would also like to know how prestashop loads or hooks header and footer to a page?
  7. HEY Guys, I have a question for you which is probably asked before. Surprisingly i havent found any topic that explains what i want , or probably i am not looking at the right place. So after searching for weeks i finally decided to post this topic so that you guys will help me and guide me in the right direction. I want to create a custom page in prestashop. Its not a cms page its a normal page in the root directory of prestashop. Now i have the content that will go in the content part of the page. I just need to hook my default header and footer into this page. Also how do i get the seo for this page working? Can someone please guide me in the right direction. What i did was copy the header code(header.tpl) and then the content code(one that i want to show on the page between header and footer) and finally the footer code (footer.tpl) to a php file and it ran properly. But the hooks do not work, like the login, search bar, etc. Can someone help me regarding this? Thanking you guys in Advance.
  8. I have developing a e-commerce website on prestashop 1.4. I have a unique requirement where i need to introduce a new contact from. This contact form is similar to the default contact us form that the prestashop gives. I would like to add a new form like the old one. Can anyone please help me in doing that. Thanking you guys in advance.
  9. Guys is it common to get the missing category error if we enter a wrong url in the url bar? like my actual url is say http://www.mysite.com/contactme but if ienter http://www.mysite.com/coooontactm then i get the missing category error What if i want to change it to something else.... Like the page requested doesnt exist and please check the typed url
  10. I am using prestashop I created a new php pahe called faqs.php in the root folder then copy pasted the code from the faqs.php fage from the modules/faq folder. Then i went to admin panel and in prefrences/seo&url i selected add new and chose the pagge faqs.php and filled in the seo information like title meta tags and meta description. and also the friendly url But when i go to the page using the friendly url it works it goes to the page but is unable to show the meta description and title and keywords that i have filled in. I think the code in faqs.php somehow overrides the seo info that i filled in Thnks for the reply. I am grateful.
  11. I tried the non elegantr way. It doesnt work for me. I still get the default title
  12. Hi I downloaded a module for prestashop. It is a FAQ module. I got the module from here http://sourceforge.net/projects/modprestafaq/ I installed the module and it is working perfectly. This module creates a page called faqs.php Everything is working fine. But there is one problem. I want to include meta tags and title to this page. Can anyone please help me out with this. I tried putting meta information in the faq-header.php file and its all showing. But it is still showing the default title. <title> {$shopname} </title> Since it is showing default title i cannot put my own seo title for my page. Can anyone help me with that? Thanking you guys in advance.
  13. Can someone please tell me how to do seo for this module?
  14. Hey Guys Firstly i would like to thank the creator/s for making such a great module. Also thanks to all the guys for providing the needful inputs. I have installed the module and am using it . Working perfectly. But i have a problem. I am not able to do the seo stuff for the faqs page. like meta content , meta title, meta description, etc. Could someone please help me in figuring out how to add the seo stuff to the faq page. Thanking you guys in advance.
  15. I am facing the same problem. Did i go wrong in copying the code?
  16. haha actually no. But its a new topic all together. Actually when the customer makes the payment. In his invoice he gets 2 extra products which are the default ones. Like ipod and something else. I dont have those products in the catalog but still the customer gets a weird email. I am attatching the image of the email below. The circled products arent supposed to be there. Only Lip bam should be there in the invoice.
  17. Actually i had put the redirect url in the ccavenue.php file which was being passes to ccavenue when the customer is redirected. Somehow it wasnt passing the index.php of my shop as redirect url. So the telemarketing lady at ccavenue asked me to deactivate something in my merchat account settings. Then also asked me to put the redirect url in the merchant account settings. But it so seems that when you deactivate it the ccavenue doesnt send you the AuthDesc and Auth_status values. And surprisingly accepts all payments (eventhough the account is deactivated). So i changed it to Activate. And it started working. The the dump statements were giving me all values from ccavenue. So i would say get to know all your settings and how they work in the ccavenue merchant settings. I am not good at explaining stuff,...... Hope you understood what i said.
  18. Ok i finally got it working now one last problem. i dont think i am getting redirected properly I AM NOT REDIRECTING PROPERLY [quote]if($_POST['AuthDesc']=='Y' or $_POST['Auth_Status'] =='Y') { echo'The code is entering herw'; $ccavenue->validateOrder($cart->id, _PS_OS_PAYMENT_, $total, $ccavenue->displayName, NULL, $mailVars, $currency->id); $order = new Order($ccavenue->currentOrder); Tools::redirectLink(__PS_BASE_URI__.'order-confirmation.php?id_cart='.$cart->id.'&id_module='.$ccavenue->id.'&id_order='.$ccavenue->currentOrder.'&key='.$ccavenue->seccode()); }[/quote] [quote][/quote] You have been a tremendous help man. My sincere thanks for all your help and patience.
  19. thanks dude that was a lot of help. They say they have to check logs in the morning. Are you 100% sure there is no problem from my side. I know all the evidence points to ccavenue. But it is unlikely that a payment gateway will not send values to a merchant website. Maybe I have to check some of the settings in my merchant account. But are you 100% sure there is no problem from my side?
  20. @bector make sure your merchant id and encryption key is proper. This error is thrown when the details that you send to ccavenue in the array arent in the proper order or if the values arent proper. Mostly its the merchant id and the encryprtion key
  21. Ok i did the transaction. i was redirected to ccavenue page and at the final page the transaction was rejected by the bank. Probably caz i made a lot of transactions in a day. It had happened before. Bank rejected my purchase and the output of the vlidation.php file is array(0) { } array(0) { } Also the funny this is the ccavenue displays my order number in the last page. why isnt that value coming to my shop?
  22. Am i missing some file permissions. caz i am not getting any values from ccavenue. You were right all along.
  23. Dude you were right i am not getting any values from ccavenue. when i echo blank paAGE. Earlier i had assigned it to some value. Very idiotic mistake,
  24. Actually i did write it in the code it was like this $var1 = $_POST['AuthDesc']; $var2 = $_POST['Auth_Status']; $var3 = $_REQUEST['Checksum']; echo $var1; echo $var2; echo $var3;
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