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  1. wow that was quick! I'm guessing the versions don't normally come out so fast? Will upgrade later today and see if I have any joy. Are you upgrading, Adnetto? Kristal
  2. Hi StitchJunkie, When increasing the number to view in the catalog - did you select 300 (or however many you want) and press filter over on the right-hand side? That was the only way I could get it to work. As for the cloud - I think that was one of the easiest mods to install. I got it from here: http://www.ecartservice.net/02082009/wp-cumulus-port-to-prestashop/ Let me know if you have any problems, I'm definitely no expert but I may be able to help I'm glad you liked my site - I still need to mess around with the appearance, so it's not so "defaulty" looking lol Kristal
  3. Hi Theo, I started with 1.2.2 as a fresh install, and it wasn't working on there. Will be waiting to see if you have any success with the fresh install Good luck! Kristal
  4. Hi ningu, I had read some of that thread, but obviously gave up on it too soon. Have now installed and it's working like a charm. Thanks :cheese: Kristal
  5. Hi Theo, I have tried it with a fresh install (V 1.2.2) and I'm now on an upgrade (V 1.2.3) Ok I just tried through that demo site, and did everything EXACTLY like I've been doing on my site.....and it worked... of course!! So now what? How am I supposed to know what's wrong on my end?? :down:
  6. Every time I've tried this, I set the first (1 inch badge) as the default. It wont allow me to have more than 1 default anyway. I even tried to have no default, but that wouldn't work. Thanks for trying to help
  7. Hi, when I install this module, my right column disappears and i get a message: "Couldnt execute query2" Any suggestions? Thanks, Kristal
  8. made no difference - http://badgeorama.com/shop/product.php?id_product=12 When you select a different attribute it still brings up the field to enter your email address, as though the product is unavailable.
  9. Is it possible to receive an email when ever a new customer registers on your site? All I want is to receive notification that someone has signed up. Thanks Kristal
  10. Hi Theo, I'm using 1.2.3, but it wasn't working on 1.2.2 either. Adnetto, what version are you using?
  11. I don't know what I'm supposed to look for in my product.php? As far as I can tell I have done all the steps I need to do to add the attributes. They show up on the product it just doesn't seem to want to adjust the price. It's as though it's showing they are unavailable, but I have changed the quantity and everything. I think I'll just give up. Thanks for replying. Kristal
  12. Ive been having a similar problem, where I press "next page" and it just keeps going back to the "home category - very annoying! I managed to change the display drop down menu at the top of the list of products to 300 so now i can see all products on the one page. Hope this helps you Kristal
  13. Oh nevermind seems I fixed it... I had accidentally deleted /shop/mails/en/account.txt and l/shop/mails/en/account.html - Don't ask
  14. Suddenly when I either add a new product, or go in to edit an existing product, a few of the field box thingos aren't appearing. Has anyone else experienced this and know how to fix? Have attached pics to help explain. Thanks Kristal
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