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  1. I finally found someone to do this for me. They worked very hard making many changes and fixes to get it working exactly the way it needed to. The price was very reasonable as well. I would highly recommend them to anyone for any project they say they can do! He is interfinet on here and his website is www.interfinet.com Thanks again guys i will come to for future projects.
  2. I am using both the weight and total price options for shipping. He ships fishing rods so they have to be separate from the rest of the order and can ship up to 6 of each for the same price. So i created some test product fishing poles with a weight value of 1 pound each and set the prices per weight scale etc. Then did the shipping cost for total price and created Standard shipping and Insured shipping options. When i put misc items (not rods) it gives me the option to choose standard or insured shipping. As soon as i add a fishing rod it defaults to standard shipping and will not let me choose. (shipping2 pic) Also i get this shipping option page at the beginning of check out that doesnt seem to do anything. (shipping1 pic) Any idea of how to fix this?
  3. I am building a site on 1.5.3 and need am using both the ship by weight and by total price. However when a customer purchases one of each item type that uses those shipping methods it does not give them the option to select the insured shipping. So i need someone who can do this for me.
  4. I have hostgator and im getting a blank page after clicking save or save and stay and some other things.
  5. How would that help if my client has an established website and wants to keep his domain name? Can we just change the settings in the back office to the new domain somehow when its ready? Also i had none of these problems with V1.4 so it seems to me like its more of a V1.5 problem
  6. Where do i find my logo for pdf? The logo i use in themes tab is a jpg. Where it says mail,invoice etc. Thanks for your help btw.
  7. It gives me a too many redirects error. It may be something with the way im working on this domain. Im using a domain thats my customers current domain but the nameservers are for his hosting when we get this done he will switch the nameservers to my hosting on the exact same domain name. So for now i have to use the IP/~bigd/beta as my url
  8. Why is it only select people get help on these forums?
  9. So i had 1.5.09 and upgraded to the RC and in the live store the products are not showing up. I have the shop enabled and looked at the products in the admin area to make sure they was active. Not sure why they are not showing up now. I even rolled back the update and the products were still not showing.
  10. Getting a TCPDF ERROR:[image] Unable to get image: /usr/local/apache/htdocs/img/logo.jpg does this when trying to view any invoice or delivery slip etc.
  11. So i messed something up as i used ftp to move files from a subdirectory to the root and now when i enter the username and password it just redirects me to login screen again. The main shop shows up fine so what do i need to do to fix this? I have edited the settings.inc file and added this define('__PS_BASE_URI__', '/~bigd/'); which is where its located. I am running I had some other problems but let me get this fixed first lol.
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