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  1. Sorry for not explaining myself well enough. I'm talking about the stats page , there is a section where you can have a look at the best products sold. Its getting all the products but one. It's like it's not counting it .
  2. Hello, My prestashop version is Could someone help me understand why 1 product has disappeared from the 'best products' category of today. All the rest of the products are there. How does prestashop pour information to go to the stats page? Is this information stored in a special table?
  3. I don't know if somebody has already come up with this question in this forum. I run a shop with DVD, Blu Rays, and some music CD's. Would it be possible to add one specific product featured field (the format) to the product in the featured products? and also in the category pages? Is there an easy way? I attach pictures to facilitate the understanding of my question.
  4. Good Evening: We have a high number of products in our shop ( > 19k) . Also we have a script that autopopulates the images by downloading them from a server and uploading them to prestashop img file system. However some of these images have failed to upload. Is there a way to determine how many images are misssing? is that info somehow in a database, or can that be obtained through any other means?
  5. Good Afternoon, We have a script that is in charge of downloading images that will then be uploaded in the img folder of prestashop. Having more than 18k products, some images are not found. can someone help me get information of all the products that have no image, could I extract that info from the database? or is there any other way this could be done?
  6. thank you for your quick answer : in my case i have version PrestaShop™ I don't know if customer do not receive confirmation email. And I can't think of a way or reproducing the error, since this happens with a very low frequency (2% of the orders or one out of approx. 300 orders) We have never upgraded prestashop.
  7. Hello Abe , I have a ver similar problem, where order is created in the ps_orders table (thank god!) but there is absolutely no trace of it in the ps_order_history table, so I have to create a manual record for the order to appear in the back end.... What payment module are you using, I am using PayPoint.
  8. I am trying to setup an offer where if multiple products are bought from the same category then the product price changes. I am able to set up the multibuy offer so that if a quantity of the same product are bought then a different price is applied using the Back Office > Catalog > Prices > Specific Prices but want to be able to add a rule so the specific price is applied if a quantity of different products within the same category are ordered. Example 10 different products in a catagory with varying prices £5.99 to £7.99 If any 2 of these products are ordered each product will be at new price of £5 (any 2 for £10 offer) If any 3 of these products are ordered each product will be at new price of £4 (any 3 for £12 offer) Is this possible to set up or is there a module that can be used. I am using Prestsashop
  9. Hello, Ideally I would like to create the possibility of keeping items in the cart, in case of a payment error. I am using Paypoint . I need to understand at which point the products are being erased from the cart, because when there is a payment error, I would like the the products to remain in the cart.
  10. This was due to a bad server configuration.... if anyone is interested
  11. Estoy creando una pagina de ofertas dentro de mi pagina Para esa pagina especifica: Quisiera poder desactivar el modulo de arbol de categorias que aparece en todas las paginas de categorias pero no quiero que aparezca en esta pagina de categorias especifica. Por otra parte me gustaria activar un modulo de left-column-banner (es una copia del original que aparece en la homepage) y quisiera que solamente apareciera en esta pagina. Se desactivar modulos para determinadas paginas : index.php pero cuando se trata de categorias , no se que hacer] Muchas gracias
  12. Tengo un problema muy serio ahora mismo en mis dos paginas donde una vez el usuario hace un log in, permanece logeado en la pagina , siempre y cuando no haga click en un produccto. Todas las paginas tienen friendly url y no acaban en .html menos las paginas de producto que tienen html . Me pregunto si eso tiene algo que ver. Por favor intenten logarse con estos credenciales como cliente y veran que podran estar logeados navegando por toda la pagina y se hara un log out forzado si se hace click en un producto. No lo entiendo! No se que esta pasando! Necesito vuestra ayuda , muchas gracias pagina: http://www.simplyhe.co.uk cliente : [email protected] pass : montevideo1
  13. User logs in with his/her password. He can view all pages , and user is still logged in. User is automatically logged out once he/she clicks on a product page. could someone please help me? try for yourself dvdgold.co.uk
  14. Gracias por vuestras respuestas Ok, esto lo entiendo, pero no se por que selecciona diversos productos antes que otros, que criterios tiene el modulo para seleccionar unos primero y dejar otros fuera?
  15. Hola, El modulo crossselling presenta en la p'agina de producto , otros productos que otros clientes compraron. Cual es el criterio detras de esta seleccion? Como funciona este modulo? Alguien sabe?
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