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  1. I also need the information. Prestashop has problems with vouchers for free shipping. I am working on it all day and still haven't found where the problem is. Nothing in debug. In bugfixes I saw they fixed it, but the fix generates more errors for me.
  2. Thx for this. Really helpful. I will definitely use this on my shop. Is it possible to put the picture over the existing product picture? Or better question where to put this piece of code that checks tags, and displays them.
  3. Any news on the update. I hate having faq in cms.
  4. Well this is an excelent module. Just what I was looking for. If it does what i think it does Going to install it right now. Thx for making the module free.
  5. Thx for Your time and reply. What do You mean by 4 x Social media? 4 different social media sites or 4 places where we put the social media links? There should not be any in stock button or link. Maybe it is wrong translation. Did You use google translate? Where is this link? Putting something into cart is done by ajax cart. You should see the item going to the cart.
  6. This is an online pharmacy from Croatia. It is an extension from three physical pharmacies in northern part of Croatia. Please let me know if You find some flaws in this web shop. http://www.mojaljekarna.hr Also I'm having trouble marketing this shop, many blogs or sites don't accept pharmacies because of the many illegal online pharmacies. Every bit of information is helpfull. thx.
  7. First and second are both good. Google is preety smart so i think there is little difference between singular and plural. Proabably the best is the middle one in 1.st group.
  8. And next step is structuring Your product data. Maybe this article will be interesting to You: https://support.google.com/webmasters/answer/99170 It really makes a differnece to put reviews and price directly on google search.
  9. I cant login there. Do I need a new account?
  10. What compatibility? Where can You disable it?
  11. Do You mean the problem is in the compatibilty with other vouchers?
  12. I have the same problem. With woucher I get the following message: "Price paid on paypal is not the same that on PrestaShop." Tried the change in classes/hook.php Same result Without vouchers everything is ok.
  13. It does not work for me. Anyone have another idea. I would hate to manually calculate the currency.
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