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  1. Hi I have some trouble removing one of the search boxes. Anyone know how i can do? See the picture. Thanks
  2. Hi In my account, do anybody know how to get the links (Adresses, vouchers etc) in a vertical row? See the attached picture! Thanks
  3. Hej Undrar vart, om det går, man kan ändra hur lång tid produkter ska finnas i blocket "New products"? Hur länge dem räknas som nya alltså. Tack
  4. Hi The logo wont show in my shop, any idea how to fix this? See the attached image. Thanks
  5. in m case i have the shop on my localhost..?
  6. Hi The carousel isnt working for me, the ajax_loader image is just there all the time. Regards
  7. Hi Im currently using the minimaliste theme, with 4 products in featured products. I want to make it 2 products in a row instead. Its kind of hard for me to explain but see the attached picture and you will understand. Thanks
  8. Im back with another question.. Anybody who knows how to make the featured products into "two rows"? (instead of 4). And also i want to change the add to cart text (feauterd products) to i small picture? See attached picture! Thanks
  9. Hi Are there anybody who knows how to remove the 3px border over "block myaccount" (1) without removing the border around categorires? (2 & 3). See the attached picture with numbers. Thanks
  10. see the file "product.tpl" in template folder, search for "availability" Thank you, but i didnt find i way to make a space between "Availability" and "In stock"?
  11. Thank you! One more question.. How can a remove "items in stock"? and how can a make a space between "availability:" and "in stock". See the picture. Thanks
  12. Hi Hope someone could help me with my problem. I was changing in themes/minimaliste/modules/blockvariouslinks and sundely the last row was under the second.. I have tried to reset everthing by copy the original file but its still not working. Pls. se my picture. /Marcus
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