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  1. Hi, I need simple tooltip(using mouseover) for image preview on the product list. I've tried used jquery.jatt.js library - but I see the problems with image appearing (sometimes is ok, but mostly mouseover doesnt work (mouse is shaking and thats all) - so it's library problem not implementation). Do you have any simple library using js? thx for help
  2. any help? I want only - allow customer put an order and then after order confirmation from back office - send message to customer with link to the order details (with payment possibilities)
  3. Hi, I have a problem with configuration (maybe it's not possible) In my shop order process look like this: 1) User place an order 2) System sends mail - "preparation in progress" 3) if order is confirmed by admin - system sends mail to customer: "Your order is accepted - please pay" ( it should be some link to the payment option in mail) I have to use paypal payment- but it should be enabled after order confirmation. To sum it up: I need enable some payment methods only in some order statuses (payment methods should be depends on order statuses.) I installed module "universal method payment" - so it can be called - order confirmation. So I cannot find such a option in presta. any ideas? thx for help
  4. Not with encoding but with the settings in excel, normally for excel delimiter for columns is [TAB] not semicolon. You can change it somewhere in excel settings (it's depends on the version) or you can change all the semicolons on tab sign. You can use any program like notepad, pspad, editplus etc. to do it.
  5. Could you upload the file once again? I get "page not found" thx I have already prepared csv by myself, it has been uploaded successfully but I still didn't see new products in admin panel and shop ( I've checked db and from my opinion everything is ok. New data are in the table 'products') Do I have to refresh tha data somehow? Thx Mat
  6. Hi, I'm new to PrestaShop and I'm evaluating if it is a good product for my needs. I've installed my shop and I would like to test it. I have to feed my db about 2-3k of products first (just 5-10 categories and few product features) Do you have some scripts for that? How do you test (especialy stress tests) your shops before go live ? Thx Mat
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