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  1. Hi, Which file does all of the price calculations (adding tax, applying group discounts, etc.) Thank you, Adam
  2. Ok...I am increasing my "reward" for helping me figure this out to $30.00 to your Paypal acct. I need to be able to display the amount that an attribute will increase the price next to the attribute description in the drop down menu. I need to do this for multiple attributes for the same product: For example: Drop down box 1 -------------------------------------- Small - +$0.00 Medium - +$3.00 Large - +$5.00 -------------------------------------- Drop down box 2 -------------------------------------- Green- +$0.00 Red - +$3.00 Blue - +$5.00 -------------------------------------- I also need these amounts to change dynamically depending on which group of customer is logged in, wholesale or retail. That is why I just don't hard code the amount into the description. Is there a variable, or some coding that anyone can show me that will accomplish this? I will deposit $30.00 to your Paypal account if you can show me a solution that works..... Thank you! Adam
  3. Maybe I phrased my last question incorretly. I would like to be able to show the price impact (increase) of an attribute (option) on the product detail (product.tpl) page. I know that I could hard code it into the description of the attribute being displayed in the drop down menu, but since I have different customer groups that receive different discounts, this would not work properly for all customers. Does anyone know how to display the price of the attribute (option) on the product page? I will deposit $15.00 into your paypal account immeditatly if you can just tell me how to do this. Thanks! Adam
  4. Hi, Does anyone know what variable I would use in the product.tpl template to display the price impact of an attribute? Thank you!
  5. This would be a great module. I belive that this is the way attributes should be done, so the customer can see what effect each combination will have on the price while they are "putting together" their product.
  6. Hi, Does anyone know if there is a way to display the price of a product attribute to the customer? For example if you have a product that sells for $20.00 and the following attributes affect the price: Sizes: Small +$5.00 Medium +$10.00 Large +20.00 Is there a way to display those attribute prices for the customer without having to include them in the attribute name. Thank you, Adam
  7. Hi, Does anyone know how to show the amount of tax in the cart. For example: ------CART------- 1 x Widget $300.00 Tax $24.00 Shipping $10.00 Total $334.00 ------END CART------- Thank you!
  8. Hi, How do you assign an item number or SKU to a product? I do not see an option for this when adding products to the catalog. Thank you
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