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  1. $row['unit_price'] = ((isset ($row['unit_price_ratio']) && $row['unit_price_ratio'] = 0)? $row['price' ] / $row['unit_price_ratio']: 0); This solved it for me. A bit modified from the one above.
  2. Hi. PS, default theme, I need to sort attributes alphabetically when creating a product combination - it's very hard to find a specific attribute from a list of 600... Any idea how to do this? And another related problem, possibly a bug, I'm not sure: pagination doesn't work for the attributes list page in BO (when clicking on the link for the next page ...2,3... etc it sends me to the main page for attributes group creation.
  3. Problem solved with the help of my host. The old .htaccess got mixed with the new one. They switched them and everything is perfect. Hope this will help.
  4. Hi. In installed a fresh PS - all ok - in a folder on my domain where I had working an old ps 1.3. I moved the old ps 1.3 in a new folder called "old" and the new PS 1.7 in root. I changed the path in phpmyadmin to /, cleared cache. Only the first page of the new shop is displayed, no images and all the other pages have error 404. If I disable SEO urls product pages appear ok - however, if debug is on I have an error 500 on product pages. I have absolutely no idea what to do, I need seo urls on...Force compile is on, cache is off. I tried clearing cache, cookies on browser. And the rest is mistery ). http://www.funbebe.ro Later... While trying to find a solution I got on a product page something like: The funbebe.ro isn't workig - redirected too many times. It disappeared quickly and went to main page.
  5. It seems to be working now, I digged a bit in the files and in modules/cashondelivery/cashondelivery.php I modified this: 'this_path_ssl' => Tools::getShopDomainSsl(true, true).__PS_BASE_URI__.((int)Configuration::get('PS_REWRITING_SETTINGS') && isset($smarty->ps_language) && !empty($smarty->ps_language) ? $smarty->ps_language->iso_code.'/' : '').'modules/'.$this->name.'/' to this: 'this_path_ssl' => Tools::getShopDomainSsl(true, true).__PS_BASE_URI__.'modules/'.$this->name.'/' Copied the code from validation.php...
  6. Hi. I updated ps 1.3 to ps 1.4.11. When trying to place an order I get a 404 error: http://www.muccelmic.com/ro/modules/cashondelivery/validation.php I see that in the path there's a ro/ (my language) and guessing this is the problem. How do I fix this??? Thank you !
  7. Hi. On one of my shops, a I have an error on te admin side, doesn't generate a clear problem, just shows up above modules section: Warning: include_once(classes/Product.php) [function.include-once]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home/vvvvv/public_html/classes/Module.php(325) : eval()'d code on line 12 Warning: include_once() [function.include]: Failed opening 'classes/Product.php' for inclusion (include_path='.:/usr/lib/php:/usr/local/lib/php') in /home/vvvvv/public_html/classes/Module.php(325) : eval()'d code on line 12 www.kiddy.ro Any idea what solution is there to this? Thank you.
  8. Thank you, it looks great! Indeed, it would be nice to have the option to click on the colour and the image to change...
  9. And for pricedrop, should it be something like this? 'products' => Product::getPricesDrop($this->context->language->id, (int)$this->p - 1, (int)$this->n, false, $this->orderBy, $this->orderWay); //START color picker if (!empty($products)) { $cookie = $this->context->cookie; foreach ($products as $key => $product_item) { $product = new Product($product_item['id_product'], false, $cookie->id_lang); $colors = array(); $attributes_groups = $product->getAttributesGroups($cookie->id_lang); if (is_array($attributes_groups) && $attributes_groups) { foreach ($attributes_groups as $k => $row) { // Color management if ((isset($row['attribute_color']) && $row['attribute_color']) || (file_exists(_PS_COL_IMG_DIR_ . $row['id_attribute'] . '.jpg'))) { $colors[$row['id_attribute']]['value'] = $row['attribute_color']; $colors[$row['id_attribute']]['name'] = $row['attribute_name']; } } $products[$key]['colors'] = $colors; } } } //END color picker $this->context->smarty->assign(array( 'add_prod_display' => Configuration::get('PS_ATTRIBUTE_CATEGORY_DISPLAY'), 'nbProducts' => $nbProducts, 'products' => $products, 'homeSize' => Image::getSize(ImageType::getFormatedName('home')), 'comparator_max_item' => Configuration::get('PS_COMPARATOR_MAX_ITEM') )); Its not working, so I know its wrong
  10. Thank you Radu and dpcdpc11 ! I hope that some one will find a solution for showing color picker on the other pages, like new products and homefeatures... But thank you to those who did all the hard work until now
  11. Worked! Though it doesnt let you create the address at start, you have to click the link in your account, but it's ok like tat...
  12. So... if its not a newly installed module, if on another ps shop the same file another version works just fine... it's either a bug or the category.php file is somehow hacked... Just thoughts... Posting the file would help? It seems we really need an experts help.
  13. If it helps, at least to compare... www.shopbebe.eu - abou 1500 products . Cloned after www.funbebe.ro ( upgraded to
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