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  1. Great module, but seems that when using this module with the new prestashop theme and IE, the top sliding menu drops behind the jquery, rather than in front. Safari and chrome were fine, just IE. Any ideas??
  2. Hey Guys, When using checkbox/radio buttons as a selection method with the block layered module, how to I stop it from allowing multiple selections? I only want one of my options selected, not multiple choice. I know I can set the selection method as 'drop-down list' which will then only allow a single selection, but I want all of my choices being displayed. Please can some one help me. thanks.
  3. Hmmmmm seem to also have this problem....any ideas
  4. Thank you so much Joeri Vos, nice to see people helping each other rather than trying to make money. I have learnt a lot from people like you, if I had to pay for everything I would never learn.
  5. Hey Rocky, thank you very very much for your help. I have never coded before but as my blockcategories.php was different from above, here is how I got my clients shop to display only 4 main categories. blockcategories.php contained: ORDER BY `level_depth` ASC, '.(Configuration::get('BLOCK_CATEG_SORT') ? 'cl.`name`' : 'c.`position`').' '.(Configuration::get('BLOCK_CATEG_SORT_WAY') ? 'DESC' : 'ASC')) Changed to the following: ORDER BY `level_depth` ASC, '.(Configuration::get('BLOCK_CATEG_SORT') ? 'cl.`name`' : 'c.`position`').' '.(Configuration::get('BLOCK_CATEG_SORT_WAY') ? 'DESC' : 'ASC LIMIT 5')) If i have got this wrong, please let me know Thanks www.fantasy-costumes.co.uk
  6. You pay for what you get, and i must say i am extremely impressed with David's support. I brought his module quite some time ago and when ever I have needed help, or whenever I have asked for something to be implemented, his support and response time have been fanastic. The module works brilliantly and has many features which for a serious business owner who wants to increase his business using google shopping, this module is the one for you. 10/10
  7. Hey guys, i need some help. I am installing a new clean installation of prestashop ( I want to use this CCC, and i have activated all of them, but when i go to my front page, it is empty (blank white page) I activated each option indervidulally and found out it was this that was causing my problem - Compress inline JavaScript in HTML - If i activate this, then my shop does not work. I enabled the error log from the config folder, and the error i get is - Fatal error: Call to undefined function preg_last_error() in /var/www/vhosts/MYWEBSITE/httpdocs/classes/Tools.php on line 1339 How can i fix this? i run 2 other prestashop's on the same server and they run fine with CCC activated.
  8. I would defiantly recommend David Nirys google merchant. We have been using it for over a week now and it has been a breeze. Installation was simple, considering there is quite a bit to do, because you must signup to google base, then configure everything, Davids instructions were clear and very easy to follow. I did have one technical problem which was resolved extremely quickly and professionally. It was money well spent, as my products are now listed on google shopping Top class
  9. i am having same problem, its so bad, i have had so many orders placed this week and not one of them is working. All of them are invalid orders, none of them work correctly. Our of interest are you using the Twenga module? Please someone help get this fixed.
  10. Thank you so much for this. Looks so much better, i hated it above the description.
  11. Ok after some fiddling i was able to do a size chart tab using 'Features' (Prestashop Admin, Catalog, Features) Default the tab is called 'Data Sheet' so i changed this to 'Size Chart' via the translations (Prestashop Admin, Tools, translations) Then you will see Front office translations. Click the flag (mine was english) and search for the term 'Data Sheet' Then i went back to features and added 'New Feature' for example: Men's XS Men's S Men's M Men's L Men's XL Then i added 'New Feature Values' for each Feature, for example feature value for Men's XL was: - Chest 48" | Waist 41-46" | Inside Leg 33" Then i when i create a new item (or edit an existing one), i would click on the features tab and add them. Whats great about this is that when you need to change the sizes (say you made a mistake), you dont need to edit each product manually, you can just edit the feature once and it will update all Here is an example of my item with size chart - http://www.fantasycostumes.eu/uk/mens-novelty-funny-costumes/524-black-skin-suit-costume.html I hope this helps people, i am the worst instructor in the world. p.s if like me you need to sort the features in order, follow this guide (Post number 37) - http://www.prestashop.com/forums/viewthread/9709/P30/installing_prestashop/edit_features_order_list
  12. Hey Guys, i am having a problem. I use linnworks to control stock on multiple platforms, and i have a prestashop script for this to work. Now in the UK i have linnworks and its connected to my site and works perfectly, it downloads the orders and when i process them it updates prestashop so show that the item has been shipped. Fantastic perfect. But now in Estonia i have the same setup, it will download orders from prestashop but when processed it will not update prestashop to show the item as shipped. Now my only guess is that it has something maybe to do with languages??? as its the only thing thats different between the 2 stores. My estonian stores default language is Estonian and not English. I really hope someone can help me, or give me an idea. Here is the script below 0 as id_employee, o.id_order as id_order, (select id_order_state from ps_order_state_lang where name='Shipped' limit 0,1) as id_order_state, now() as date_add from ps_orders o left outer join ( select ps_orders.id_order from ps_orders inner join ps_order_history on ps_order_history.`id_order`=ps_orders.id_order where id_order_state = (select id_order_state from ps_order_state_lang where name='Shipped' limit 0,1) and concat(ps_orders.id_order,'-',CONVERT(ps_orders.date_add, UNSIGNED)) = '[{OrderReference}]' group by id_order ) shipped on shipped.id_order = o.`id_order` where concat(o.id_order,'-',CONVERT(o.date_add, UNSIGNED)) = '[{OrderReference}]' and shipped.id_order is null
  13. i had same problem, i was able to fix mine by not using the drag and drop feature, but to manually click them up and down using the arrows (in the position tab). Real pain, but worked. Also when i first saw my categories, i was not able to drag or drop, or see any arrows, all i saw in the position tab were numbers, and i could not for the life of me work out how to position them. I then clicked the reset button (next to the filter button) and suddenly it all appeared. Just incase anyone spends hours trying to fix it like me . Hope that helps. Tim
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