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  1. Hello there, We have an online shop developed on Prestashop 1.6. We installed the PAYPLUG module/add-on to manage payments with credit cards. When the module is in Test mode, we can see the block PAYPLUG in the order details page (so we can refund the customer of his order amount for instance) but once it goes Live, the corresponding block does not appear anymore. Your help will be highly appreciated. Thanks a lot. Dany
  2. Hello, so i detect some problems in the "add to cart action", i hope it help in some way for improve prestashop 1.7: - the process is too slow; - when you exceed stock limit gives an error; - don´t give the count of products in cart (appear "%products_count%") - product image don´t appear; - and when try to close it, overlay of pop up remains; - it would be nice see a cart preview of products added on mouse over like Prestashop 1.6; Best regards
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