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    Hi there, Similar problem, country shows up as UK, I am trying to change it but it stays UK and modulñe does not work. I have been using for years with no problems, did something change with PayPal? Module version is 3.10.10

    Hi, I have the same problem after one click upgrade to
  3. Extra fee for cash on delivery.

    There is a free module called "cashondeliveryplus" that does exactly what you want. Works for me on
  4. Sugiero el modulo Prestabay by Involic. Me ha salvado, vale su precio en oro!
  5. I am facing similar issues, items are not sent to eBay.es, nor are they revised. Problem started today, yesterday all was fine. A prompt reply would be appreciated.
  6. Hello sgtbash and thank you for sharing. Can you please send me the code? Kind regards taramas