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  1. Search that translation on the native theme called "classic" and change it there.
  2. Here are examples of Shopify themes: https://themeforest.net/category/ecommerce/shopify
  3. Hi to all, I was looking to Shopify theme demos and they all have very nice images, looking in to them, i just im aware that the High resolution photos of the products are from Shopify it self. So, Shopify sample products are very nice, we need that also on PrestaShop, in order to sell a good design, we need better sample products, this is a problem for all the people who make themes, sample products. I think that feature is one the reasons why Shopify is trending now. Take a look of this feature: https://apps.shopify.com/simple-sample-data If you go to Themeforest you will see templates with very nice photos, the best photos of any ecommerce theme. Please, can the developers team of Prestashop consider updating the sample products for the next release. So Prestashop themes can sell and compete with Shopify. Regards, Daniel
  4. Ok, so, the problem is not the template, is your prestashop store. For a quick solution I recommend you, contact the hosting via email or phone and tell them about your problem, it is likely that the solution is simply to activate a parameter of the hosting.
  5. Looking at the code, i see no content of the page, only title. You may check again and edit the "Termeni de livrare" Follow this basic tutorial to create and edit "Pages" PD: Try to create a secondary "Termeni de livrare" page and test again.
  6. Hi Nita, I think the problem may be on your prestashop configuration or hosting configuration. Send me the link here or on private message to help and send you the CSS code. Regards
  7. Uhmm sorry but i cannot reproduce the error, you may goback to the native prestashop theme. I always recommend having a clone of your prestashop store and do testing there. regards.
  8. Oh i see, you added the code in the "mobile version" piece of code you need to add it outside of this code: @media { max-width:.... For example you can add those lines at the end of the file. Create 2 lines at bottom and add the lines there.
  9. Ah ok. Just add this line to the CSS file: #product-modal .modal-content .modal-body .product-cover-modal {max-width: 100% !important;} (add it on themes/minimalCSS/assets/css/custom.css) Then delete Prestashop cache and refresh URL on browser.
  10. Es prestasho el demo. Siempre es bueno tener un clon de tu sitio y ahí meter mano y testear mil cosas, en la tienda de producción, la idea es que siempre funcione bien. Por ahora sería bueno que le quites la animación para que no te afecte la venta. Y en el clon podrías considerar testear otras plantillas o incluso comprar una en themeforest. Saludos!
  11. .faceted-overlay .spinner { display: none; } Ese es el código para quitar el spinner pero el problema es otro, se queda pegado al filtrar por precios, la tienda queda "pensando". Te recomiendo por ahora quitar el filtrado por precios y también te sugiero: 1)Clonar tu tienda 2)En ese clon cambia la plantilla y haz pruebas de filtro ahí. Saludos,
  12. Yo en mi plantilla 1.7 https://entienda.cl/templates/minimal/ps1752-light/en/3-clothes No veo el "loading" si quieres que te pase el código css envíame una URL de categoría de tu sitio.
  13. Hola debe ser por el cache , sigue estos pasos, quizás te ayude: https://entienda.cl/como-ver-los-cambios-de-tu-tienda-prestashop/
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