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  1. Sorry, but i did not find out how i could mark the post with [solved]...
  2. Hi. I do also use prestashop, and i also had love to get an translation pack at norwegian. If anyone have an complete norwegian translation pack, plz post it!
  3. To norwegian users: Noen som vet om denne oversettelsen fungerer eller om det finnes en nyere oversettelse til norsk? Lurer også på om noen har mulighet til å laste opp fila på nytt. Når jeg prøver å laste ned fila får jeg denne meldingen: "[#10173] We could not find the attachment you were attempting to view."
  4. Hi Mike. Thank you for the link! It is very usefull!
  5. Hi. I got some problems with my slideshow, that was included when i pushed the coroporate pro theme. When i add pictures to the slideshow, the slideshow will not automatic resize the heigt of the module and center the picture. Therefore i do have to find exactly how big the image should be. Do anyone know how big pictures to this slideshow shold be? At the top of this link, you can find the slideshow. It is the standard slideshow module that is included when you buy coroporate pro theme. I am very thankfull for all help! I am also very sory my bad english. Best regards Benjamin.
  6. Hi. Can anyone help me center my logo? Here you can see the website: You see the "wodden" header, "Morobutikken.com"? I want this header to came at the midle of the website. I really hope someone can help me edit some code, so i can get my header where i want it I am using prestashop 1.4.8 with coroporate pro light theme. I will be very thankfull for anyone that can help me solve my problmem! Best regards Benjamin
  7. Hi. Can anyone help me removing the "Powered by PrestaShop™" mark (marked with a red circle at the picture), without removing the information on the righet side? (marked with a green mark at the picture) I have un selected the "display powered by prestashop" in CMS Block configuration ==> footer`s various links configuration. I have done this with the orginal template, and that was working, but not with this new template... I downloaded all files today, from prestashop`s website, so i think i have the newest version... I am really sorry for my bad english! Thanks for all help!
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