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  1. I agree with James, if you can wait, I think you will agree that this cart if far and away better than zen cart. I have 12 sites running ZenCart and 7 running OSC. ZenCart is an improvement over OSC, but Presta is so much faster and well programmed vs ZenCart. I have a lot of sites I am sitting on waiting for 1.0 I can hardly wait. Kinda like waiting for my birthday. If you haven't used ZenCart, I would set up a site using the software just so you can compare the two when Presta comes out of beta. ZenCart and OSC are so difficult to upgrade to the next version, especially if you add a lot of mods. Good luck with your choice.
  2. I have to agree with James and Hydra. If SSL is not a part of Presta, it will never be a viable player in the ecom community. It is a must have for real online stores. Data passed without SSL is just plain text floating around the web. Not an option for Credit Card transactions. Thanks for making such a great product so far. Looking forward to 1.0
  3. Many have probably heard of this before, but I think Prestashop needs a google base feed. http://base.google.com/support/bin/answer.py?answer=59537&hl=en This is free service from google and helps get every product listed in google shopping. At least that has been my experiance. This feed can sometimes be found under Froogle Feed in other projects. I have built many OSC sites and used the Froogle Mod. We would be missing a huge oportunity is this feed wasn't available some time. I just wanted to call it out to get it on the radar. Keep up the great work guys. Presta is great!
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