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  1. What Docker are you refering to? If is ready or not only depends how it was configured. Docker by itself alone is not enough, you need to setup a server inside of it with your application and then create a Docker Image.
  2. Never bring a Docker container used in development into production... just play with it and then apply the same changes in production and do not forget to point the development one to the mysql one for development. You need to be very comfortable using the command line in Linux to be able to properly use a Docker Container or mange your own VPS or Server, otherwise you cause lot of Security problems for your Online Store.
  3. Database should be inside of other Docker Container as per Docker best practices. See https://github.com/PrestaShop/docker and https://hub.docker.com/r/prestashop/prestashop/
  4. I am the author of the Responsible Disclosure about this security issue on Prestashop Send to Friend module and also made the Pull Request to fix it. This Pull request originated the version 1.9.0 and from now on it will not be very useful to spammers once is not allowing any more them to post their messages with links and emails must be valid. The Captcha will be a good improvement and I may implement it in the future, depending on my clients requests.
  5. Welcome to our community. Please always provide your Prestashop version so that the community can help you. Remember to provide also all the details relative to your problem. In this case will be good to know also what Theme are you sung in the store and what Module are you using to show the New Products.
  6. When somebody reply with a useful tip always give him a click in the button Like This. Now if your problem is solved mark the best answer as the one that have solved your problem by clicking in Mark Solved.
  7. See in the red rectangle what css you need to update and the name of the file. To open that bottom window in your browser just click F12.
  8. Bem vindo á nossa comunidade Por favor coloque sempre apenas uma questão por tópico. Antes de colocar a sua questão por favor efectue sempre uma pesquisa no Fórum, pois as probabilidades de a mesma já ter sido respondida são elevadas. Forneça sempre a versáo do Prestashop que está a utilizar, pois sem a mesma será dificil obter ajuda para a sua situação.
  9. Quando faz login no Prestashop marque a caixa que diz para manter o login activo. Fica for debaixo de onde coloca a senha. Se fosse error no servidor não voltaria para a página de login.
  10. This sounds that PHP installation is not compiled with PDO driver or is not configured to use it. Try to follow http://php.net/manual/en/pdo.installation.php to enable PDO instead of MYSQLI.
  11. @sticinno welcome to our community. Please open a separated topic with your problem, once the same is not occurring in the same stage of Prestashop installation. Thanks
  12. If have been hacked a second time is clear that you continue to be vulnerable to the exploit, maybe because the hacker have now a back door installed in some place of your store. You can fix your site as many times you want that you will continue to be hacked until you clean your store. Please provide the Prestashop version if you want that people can help you more efficiently.
  13. You need to fix your Warehouse theme by following the instructions provided by the Warehouse team in their email for all the buyers of their themes, as per https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B6yfaCTJqFdeYldDNmg0d0Iwd1U/view To restore your configuration file you need a copy from the old one, the one uploaded from Prestashop pack will trigger to install the Prestashop again. The hacker may have already downloaded all your database, therefore you must reset all your users passwords and alert the users to change their passwords everywhere they use the same email combination used in your store. Also your store may have hidden scripts all in several places, once the exploit used by the hackers for the Warehouse them allow them to upload any kind of file to your hosting account and take full control of it. They can delete all the content of your store if they want. Look for a script called indoxploit.php or similar in the root of your store... this script when visited in the browser will give a control panel for the hacker to control your store. If i was you i would restore your store from a clean backup.
  14. Welcome to Prestashop community. Please enable Prestashop debug in file config/defines.inc.php // change from false to true define('_PS_MODE_DEV_', false); // final result should be like: define('_PS_MODE_DEV_', true); Then take a screen shot of the error and post it here.
  15. If it was working previously without any password it means that your mysql server was not secured with a password at all. Security must be always a first class citizen in anything we do, no matter if is in your computer or in an online server. So you need to create a mysql user to your store, you should not use the root user in any circumstance. Connect to your mysql server and create the user with a strong password, at least 16 digits, and assign it to your store database. After this step update the user name and password in the Prestashop configuration file.
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