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  1. Is there any way to rectify this .
  2. Hi , I have changed the path to http://papyrusartgallery.com/img/Sold.jpg . I see the formatting and some images are not showing up properly . The out come of the site is below . Kindly advise . http://papyrusartgallery.com/3-women
  3. I checked in my local host . I am getting some thing wrong . I dont understand the error .I am attachng the screen shot and corresponding codes here . I see the alignment / Price / New tag / Sold tags are displayed wrongly . Kindly help Which one is correct Change 1 or Change 2 ? Check for Image attachment names before refering the code . change 1.txt change 2.txt
  4. Thanks a lot ...Yes , I hope this works fine with PS V 1.6 ....I will have a look at it . I will check and confirm . Kindly advise on which filename I need to change . If the code is same as found in the link provided by you ..please let me know the file name that is to be edited .
  5. Thanks for the reply . I dont know PHP . I know few other languages . If you can provide me the piece of code I can add it in the product.tpl .
  6. which are all the places I should make these changes . Slightly confused .
  7. {if $product.price == 0} code here {/if} for the product list, or {if $productPrice == 0} code here {/if} The code here is to be replaced with the below piece of code . Kindly confirm <a href="{$link->getPageLink('contact')}">{l s="Contact us for a quote"}</a>
  8. Hi , I have photos of few products that we have sold already in the last few years on the physical stores. I want to add those products for reference . Is it possible to add those products with the option as SOLD . I dont want the price to be displayed if possible . Thanks in Advance
  9. Thanks , That works .. is there any option to enable this for only certain type of products in the shop and not all of them .Kindly advise . I dont have idea of PHP . I want some thing like this if <price of product = 0> display "Call for pricing" End if Updated at approx 7:30 PM IST ======================================================== I came through the below while searching in the forum but it is for PrestaShop 1.5.2 http://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/135602-call-for-price/ will it work in PS V1.6 Updated at 10:38 PM IST ======================================================== the above did not work for me in the localhost . Kindly help me with alternatives .
  10. I bought the hosting from ipage.com . I dont know if they are having it as shared or dedicated ....I checked it with them and they asked for the actual issue ...they were able to increase the size and rectify this issue Thanks a lot for your support . I just provided the link of the page where i am facing this issue ... They have increased the size for that lnk alone i Guess .
  11. I am getting this error when I login into admin area and click modules .
  12. I am getting the below message . I tried to update the modules even then i am getting the same message . Kindly advise . [PrestaShop] Fatal error in module 7ea5a81d0ccb726585870b4feb4d4ee16a85843b.file.layout.tpl: Allowed memory size of 33554432 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 512001 bytes) Kindly find the attachments . Thanks Keerthi
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