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  1. Maybe simondavidson is frustrated with Prestashop, I know I am. I give Prestashop credit for an easy to install and get up and running package but what I really find interesting is the lack of unit testing or any bundled testing for that matter. Complex controllers, well they deviate from what a normal controller should do in MVC For any system I build I run at least 3 environments, dev, test and production, I depend on unit testing and automated deployment to keep my application environments in sync and happy. Prestashop is a nightmare to configure for automated deployment and the main gripe I have is .... if the version is not STABLE don't label each new version as STABLE
  2. I agree, hence I am also moving onto to other e-commerce solutions. Look at Spree or OpenCart
  3. Hi, I have been working though the tests. I think they are meant for an earlier version of prestashop but they are not far off. They too will serve as a good starting point.
  4. Hi, I was looking through the trunk on http://svn.prestashop.com and I found the tests folder. It has some unit and functional tests. Is this the official prestashop testsuite?
  5. I have forked your repo and will start adding my test as soon as I get them working, feel free to take the ones you need. I noticed a reference to a class ReflectionUtils, I don't see the class in you repo? Is it another pear class I need. I would like to know your thoughts on Unit Testing for modules?
  6. @mexique1 thanks for the starting point for unit testing. I tried to add some unit testing but I was struggling to get a good bootstrap for my tests. I find it very reckless that the prestashop team has not included any unit testing, well at least not to the public.
  7. Hi. maybe this will help you. I use prestashop in the multistore context and have created an Owner employee who is responsible for each individual shop. I noticed that no matter who logs in, they have full access to products, customers and order from other shops. The multi-shop bar also shows an "All Shops" option that changes the shop context no matter who is logged in and gives them access to all shops.... huge bug.. To fix this I copy the function, "initShopContext", from classes/controller/AdminController.php to a new function in overide/classes/controller/AdminController.php and modify line 1657 to: # Shop::setContext(Shop::CONTEXT_ALL); Shop::setContext(Shop::CONTEXT_SHOP); Though this is just a tempory fix, I have still to un-tanlge the spider web of if's and else's in this initShopContext function to come up with a more stable fix. I do appreciate what the prestashop guys have done but they should really look at some form of unit-testing and I am not a fan of they way they have structured their controllers. I know in their documentation they have steered away from frameworks like Symfony and Cakephp but there are some key points that Prestashop could have taken from these frameworks. Two of those would be Restful controllers, this would have made code-maintenence much easier and a standardized naming convention for table names, as in either pluralize or singular not both.
  8. HI I actually have the same situation with my current project. I was thinking of adding a custom hook when an order is completed. Then some module or override code that would post XML to the fulfillment center. In my case it would be another API link not a fulfillment center. I hope that gives you a starting point.
  9. Hi I just re-installed the latest "RC" and I see that the field id_group_shop, which is used throughout the DB and application, has been renamed to id_shop_group? Is this in the change-log as I found out the hard way when I tried to re-install all my custom modules. Another issue is found is that all my custom hooks are not showing any content. Also is anyone else using an automatic deploy tool, like Capistrano to move their Dev application into a production environment. I am interested to hear ideas as I actually want to build a proper auto-scalling solution with Prestashop on AWS. Gratz on the release.
  10. Hi great module Is it compatible with a multi-shop presta set up?
  11. Hi I have managed to seup the correct folders and I a working TestHelper, I just need to figure out the correct order of autloading the classes so that I can get a proper bootstrap for my tests. Any info would be appreciated.
  12. Hi I am also interested in the QA side of prestashop. Are there any unit testing modules for prestashop?
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