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  1. I had this problem today. The DB check was fine. The site installed fine. So I'd entered the right db credentials but I had blank pages for both shop and admin. Apparently a character in my password was repeated in the /app/config/parameters.php file for some reason. I've sorted that and now I see something on both front and back ends.
  2. So did you ever find an answer to this? If so, please share.
  3. Never mind, I found the problem now.... the base product had a weight in it, only the attributes should have had weights.
  4. Hi I'm using PrestaVOD and Batchdownloadable product pro for a site I'm creating. If all the products in my cart are PrestaVOD products, shipping is free (which is right, they are links to videos) If all the products in my cart are Batchdownloadable products set to the MP3 attribute, shipping is free (which is right, they are mp3 downloads) But if I have one or more of each, i.e. a mixture of PrestaVOD and Batchdownloadable products, prestashop applies shipping charges! Any ideas how I can work this one out?
  5. So did you find a solution for this problem? Could you please post it here please? Thanks!
  6. Yes, I saw it once you'd told me the module could do that, thanks, you made me look a little closer. It does what I want it to, that's great.
  7. Thanks, I'd seen that one, but hadn't seen that it does a mixture of downloadable and regular attributes for the same product
  8. Hi I'm setting up a shop for products (voice/video recordings) that may be EITHER downloadable (mp3) or not (DVD or CD) I know I can create a downloadable product separately from a shippable product. But I don't want to. I have created the product with attributes... CD, DVD, mp3 So is there a way of linking "product is downloadable" to the attribute mp3? If there is, how do I do it please?
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