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  1. I have the same problem. Also price won't update when changing combinations. It worked before. Really all of a sudden.
  2. Here's a paid module that does this. http://addons.prestashop.com/en/administration-tools-prestashop-modules/6136-payments-based-on-the-amount.html I don't know any free solutions...
  3. go to /modules/themeconfigurator/css/themeX.css where X is theme you are using. Open the file and change background color on line 116 .new-label, .sale-label { background: #b04445; }
  4. hey, go to your theme folder, open product.tpl go to line 226, there will be <!-- usefull links--> <ul id="usefull_link_block" class="clearfix no-print"> {if $HOOK_EXTRA_LEFT}{$HOOK_EXTRA_LEFT}{/if} <li class="print"> <a href="javascript:print();"> {l s='Print'} </a> </li> {if $have_image && !$jqZoomEnabled}{/if} </ul> and just add your link after the </li>
  5. Maybe not the best solution, bu it works for me. Add margin-left: 30px; to global.css line 6928 in .rte ul{ } You have ordered list so add the same margin to .rte ol{ } line 6932
  6. On modules tab you have "update all" button in the top right corner
  7. I registered new hooks, put in these two methods, try to do similar like in other 3 modules. I managed to show tab on front but it's not clickable, because all other tabs have attributes data-toggle="tab" and href assigned to them. If you hardcode them into tab.tpl it doesn't really do anything. Guess is some javascript or something, I don't really know. I tried, but this is way over my knowledge of PHP. Maybe someone will do this in the future heh. Till then... Thanks for all the help anyway.
  8. You can hook featured, new and best sellers on home tab... What can be done, so I can hook specials module there? Thanks
  9. - open product.tpl, it is in your theme directory. - find this code {if isset($HOOK_PRODUCT_FOOTER) && $HOOK_PRODUCT_FOOTER}{$HOOK_PRODUCT_FOOTER}{/if} - cut it - find this code {if isset($HOOK_PRODUCT_TAB_CONTENT) && $HOOK_PRODUCT_TAB_CONTENT}{$HOOK_PRODUCT_TAB_CONTENT}{/if} - it should be on line 624 - and paste it AFTER this line ! that is it.
  10. I had the same problem. go in your carriers and look if you have "Tax" set to No tax.
  11. I did this, but nothing changes. Maybe i should mention that i have many categories with subcategories and only in one category this error accours.
  12. meni delajo, si jih prav nastavo ? skupna količina pa količina na uporabnika itd. drugač pa ne upgrejdajte na 1.4, malo še počakajte. RC verzije so mi vse solidno delale, tu in tam kakšna nevšečnost, evo zdaj FINAL ki je dobesedno za kurac. 3 dni se že jebem z odpravljanjem bugov, ki jih je res ogromno.
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