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  1. Hi all, I really like this module, but I have a question. I downloaded the latest version (1.3.0); announced in post 145 of this forum. In post 131 I noticed a fix for the MySQL overload though that I can't seem to find in version 1.3.0. Do I still need to apply that fix to version 1.3.0? I don't like it very much when our MySQL database gets overloaded. Hope you can help me out. Keep up the good work! Thanks, Theo
  2. But is it possible to exclude an ip-adress from the statistics? I'd still be interested to know how that could be implemented. Thanks, Theo
  3. Hi all, I have been looking in the forum and in Google for some time, but I can't seem to find an answer to this question. When I am visiting our website (e.g. for testing purposes) I don't want these visits to be added to the visitor stats. I was thinking that this would be a simple configuration option (e.g. exclude an ip-adress somewhere), but I can't seem to find it. Does somebody out there know how this can be solved? Thanks in advance. Theo
  4. Hi, I'd also like to remove the text from this block. I've removed the code that shows the text, but when I do that the text underneath the new product links creeps behind the image of the new products. Anybody out there who knows the answer do prevent that? Thanks Theo
  5. Hi all, We seem to have a bit of a problem. It is that in the Prestashop backend our catalog shows the wrong number of products. We were using the product combination generator of Prestashop and have generated several products with about 1400 combinations. We have decided to handle this differently so I decided to delete all the product combinations in the backend. Deleting the product combinations was not too much of a problem, but to my surprise the catalog in the backend still shows the number of products that corresponding with the generated product combinations. Although they do not exist in the database anymore. This is very confusing when administering the product catalog. Does anybody know how this number is calculated in the backend? I thought it was calculated using the number of combinations in the tables ps_product_attribute_combination and ps_product_attribute, but that somehow does not seem to be the case. Can anybody help me out? By the way: we are using Prestashop and are not wanting to upgrade yet. Hope to hear from you. Kind regards, Theo
  6. Hi, Sorry about the late reply; I have been away for a while and wasn't able to post a message. According to Rocky this bug has been fixed in version 1.3.2. Is that the right version? I was thinking this one hasn't been released yet. Or is this a pre-release version? Where did you find out the bug has been fixed? I couldn't find it in the bugtracking-site. Or did I miss something? Anyway. I'd still love to fix it in if possible. But since I get so little replies I'm beginning to think this could be a bit difficult. Anybody have a clue?? Thanks again, Theo
  7. Hi all, Seems like my previous post didn't get any replies yet. Was it too long? Wrong forum? Or was my English too clumsy (I am Dutch after all). Hopefully it wasn't because there is no answer to my Prestashop question. Still hoping someone will provide me the missing link/hint. Regards, Theo
  8. Hi everybody, I've been searching my socks off on Google, in the forums and the Prestashop code lately to get this solved, but I can't seem to find a solution. So as a last resort I am posting it here again and hopefully someone can provide me the missing link. Some info first: we are using Prestashop for our shop that will soon be openened. I am aware that there is a new version of Prestashop available, but I am not sure the problem is solved there (don't even know how I can find that out without installing it). Second: we prefer not to upgrade the shop-software now because we are close to opening it and rather not take the risk of introducing new bugs/issues. So hopefully this can be solved in version In our shop users can customize products to their liking. We use the built-in customization option from Prestashop for that. When opening the product the product-details are shown with the customization-fields (see: product-details.jpg). The user can save the customizations and add the product to the cart then. But when the user opens its cart and the cart-details are shown the customization labels are shown like "Text #1", "Text #2", etc. (see: cart-details.jpg). I think a customer wants to be sure exactly what he's paying for and want to check that in the cart-details. So I don't think this is acceptable. I contacted CTDAN (http://www.prestashop.com/forums/viewthread/53693/development/solvedcustomized_fields_cart_summary_labels) who claimed to have this solved, on private message. He told me that the customization label is stored in a variable $textField.name in the array typedText and can be shown in the cart. In my search through the prestashop sourcecode I came to the same conclusion. But when I try this, somehow this variable is empty and thus nothing is shown on the screen. Now I have been searching in the code for the place in which values are stored in "typedText"-array. But I get stuck. Can't seem to find it. And now, hopefully, someone out there can tell me where this should be done. And how :-) Or maybe I am thinking in the wrong direction anyway and need another approach to solve this. Hope to hear from you. Thanks in advance. Theo
  9. Hi, I have run into the same problem. Would really like to know how this has been solved. Looked into the forum, but can't seem to find the answer. Can anybody point me in the right direction? Thanks in advance. Theo
  10. Hello, I dived somewhat deeper into the time-issue in the log-file. The timestamp is created using the PHP-function "gmdate" in the file ThinMPI.php. Gmdate() is the same function as the Date() function, but generates GMT-datetime values. I couldn't believe Martijn Por would have inserted this function by accident, so I did some research in the iDeal-specification of the ING-Bank. The following is stated in the "20090910_iDEAL_Merchant_Integratie_Gids_v2.2.2.pdf" (translated from Dutch with Google translate): "DT means a Date Time Field: with the format yyyy-MM-ddTHH: mm: ss.SSSZ. (ISO Standard 8601). The time used is the "universal time UTC (formerly GMT), without daylight savings. Eg: 2009-12-28T13: 59:59.393 Z" So according to the ING-specification, timestamps need to be created using GMT. I wouldn't know what happens if a timestamp is used that is generated from a daylight saving time, but I am not gonna try it :-). It would probably result in other (bigger) problems. Just to let you all know (and probably prevent others from searching). Theo
  11. Voor de geïnteresseerden: aangezien hier niemand reageert ben ik hier http://www.prestashop.com/forums/viewthread/44150/#217674 maar in het Engels verder gegaan. Groet, Theo
  12. Hi, 1) I know that I can assign a price impact to the attribute, but that's not very different compared to the functionality offered in Prestashop is it? Or did I miss something here? 2) Do you have any idea about when you can offer this functionality in the module? I'd like to have a look at the documentation of the module, because I still think I can use it. But I am not sure. Is there any possibility for me to receive it? Thanks. Theo
  13. Hi, I read about the Attribute Wizard Pro module and experimented somewhat in the demo-webshop of Tomerg3. Quite impressive, but I did not yet find out if the things I want to do with attributes in products can be solved with this module. So I thought: I am just gonna ask him :-). Here goes... I have two questions about this Attribute Wizard Pro module about possibilities with attributes in our products: 1. I want the user to be able to specify the size of the product and make Prestashop change the price depending on the size entered by the user. It can be done in the Prestashop Product Combination Generator by using dropdown boxes with all the sizes in it, but it generates lots of product combinations and makes addministration quite problematic. Can this be avoided with this module? 2. I want the user to be able to add a text to our product and make Prestashop change the price of the product according to the number of letters in the text. It would be acceptable to make a dropdownbox with the number of letters and a textbox in which the user can enter the text, but in that case Prestashop should check if the number of letters and the length of the text match. Can this be done with this module? And if so, could somebody please give me a hint how? Thanks. Regards, Theo
  14. Hello everyone, We are now also a user of this module (v2.2). On our site is all still in beta, but it seems like we will become satisfied users soon. If everything works properly, we will certainly make a donation to Martijn. Now one thing I noticed when checking the errorlog. When I looked at the logfile while testing at the iDeal dashboard I noticed that the timestamp of the errors is 2 hours earlier than the local time. The reason is that in the log all times are displayed in GMT. Now I have been looking to fit this in the code, but I can't find where to do it. The time-setting on the web server of my host are fine. So that is not the problem. So I would believe that somewhere in the code it is specifically stated to use GMT. But where? Or could it be that the module takes it somewhere from my Prestashop configuration? Hopefully someone here can put me on the right track. Thanks in advance. Regards, Theo
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