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  1. Hello, I have test my website on Paypal Sandbox now I want to switch to production. I am unable to find the API credentials: username/password/key. according with the instructions here: http://www.prestashop.com/wiki/PayPal_and_PrestaShop/ The same I cannot find these switches. Auto Return to Off Payment Data Transfer to Off Is anybody willing to help?
  2. Hello Alban, I got the same error: into my phpadmin #1146 - Table 'narm0402_narman.PREFIX_configuration' doesn't exist
  3. I am facing exactly the same issue. Please fix it asap it really made my website useless!
  4. I have activated Paypal Express but when not logged I get this error: Not Logged. Now shouldn't it further process the order without any logging?
  5. Hello, I am facing some frustrating issues setting a simple prestashop + paypal api. I set up Activate checkout for guests = ON. Now I expect to use Paypal Express (yellow) button without any login but when clicked I get this message: Not logged. note: I use Paypal Sandbox (the same issues on several installs). Is anyone willing to help me out? Thanks ps. I attached a preview.
  6. When I place the order in my Prestashop Store via Paypal Sandbox I get the message Not logged but when I replace https instead http in the browser address bar I get the message: SSL received a record that exceeded the maximum permissible length. Useful Hints: 1. I tried the same on different servers i got the same issue. 2. I don't have a security certificate because I use Paypal's API 3. I mention I have been able to process 2 weeks ago. 4. In one of my websites I deactivated SSL and it seems it is working, but I need have it back. On the other website I can't deactivate for I have the message: Please click here to use HTTPS protocol before enabling SSL. When click I got the error mentioned. On the other one I got the message Not Logged 5. The following settings are activated on both websites: Enable guest checkout, One Page Checkout. I expect several people would have had the same issue. Is someone willing to help me ? I would gladly appreciate.
  7. when I wantplace the order via Paypal I get the message Not logged but when I replace https instead http in the browser address bar I get the message: SSL received a record that exceeded the maximum permissible length. What could be the reason?
  8. I have exactly the same problem! 2 weeks ago I have tested my payments with Paypal Sandbox. Now each time I try to make a payement through Paypal Express I get the message: Not logged (even if I already set up Enable guest checkout as ON) When I look into BO > Preferences at the SSL I have: Please click here to use HTTPS protocol before enabling SSL. I urgently need to set up to sail the shop but I can't. Is this a hosting setting changed? I mention I have been able to process 2 weeks ago.
  9. Sunt un developer freelance caut un colaborator pentru realizarea unui magazin online. Cerinte : + experienta Prestashop + experienta in realizarea de magazine cu plata online: Credit Card si Paypal. + sa inteleaga rolul securitatii si a certificatelor de securitate. Portofoliu obligatoriu. Multumesc, astept sa fiu contactat.
  10. I am using a prestashop version 1.2.4. The issue I got is when a user sends an email: order, forgot password, inquiry the content of the email is being displayed with all html tags visible (instead of table formatting as usual). The curious thing is that I had no issues before. This happened suddenly after a time. How that comes? Where I did wrong...and how can be fixed? here below is a sample of code I got in the email: \n<html>\n<head>\n <meta http-equiv etc etc etc... Many thanks in advanced. Regards Gingic
  11. Hello Prestashop friends, I needed a regeneration of my thumbnails after I changed their Width X Height from BO > Preferences > Image I permanently get the 500 INTERNAL SERVER ERROR. Anyone faced the same issue? Regards
  12. Hello @lkkr I thank you a lot for your help. This is all I wanted to say. Your code is ok ( I did used debug variable ) but its lack is that is not template side. It works in the root index.php only I guess... this is inconvenient...maybe I am wrong. @rocky Many thanks this is the variable I was longing for... . It is template side...smarty Many thanks to you 2 guys gingic
  13. Hello thanks for the efforts. I did test it but it seems it never enters the 'else' loop. First I don't clearly understand when actually the system will read the 'else' branch. Second 'if' and 'else' they do pretty much the same except in the 'else' we have different header and footer.. If you can clear this out for me would be great. Muc appreciated your efforts. Gingic Goran
  14. Hi, indeed if you are talking about the main index.php...not the one in the theme folder, one could add an index.html which will load first. The only problem is I need to have the same functionality: cart, featured products displayed in a different layout..that is all which cannot be used unless I work in the theme file. I need some pcs of code to add in de theme file index.php like this if ($is_frontpage) { then add this code } else { normal pages stuff here } Any hints? Or at least to know it can't be possible
  15. Hello guys... I formerly worked on other cms Drupal and Wordpress. Both of them can support the creation of a unique design of the frontpage, apart of the inner pages. I need for instance on the frontpage to have no sidebars but to have in the inner pages. Is it possible? Please I need help Regards Gingic
  16. Thanks for reply. That could be a way out. My reference ( this is a complete non intuitive name for the product id) field is empty. But each product has already an increment id which is the same as reference. There are hundreds of products in database. Is it possible to place it on the invoice instead reference? Any help would be greatly appreciate. Regards
  17. Hello I have attached the invoice i get on email at placing an order. The BIG problem is i don't get the id of the product on the invoice so i might know which product to send... Please help me if you can Thank you a lot ASAP
  18. Hi Everyone. I need to add 10% discount to all my products in the website. The only way I found to do that is by editing inside the discount tab inside every product. I need to set this globally and the discounted price to be displayed under the old strikeout price. Regards and Thanks Gingic
  19. Hello My client is asking me to display the product image zoom when mouse is hovering the product but also to display the product in full image when click on it. Is it possible to use both features in the same time? Kind Regards gingic
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