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  1. Bump! It would be good if we could drag and drop accessories in to our desired order, like current functionality for products & categories rather than at present by product ID. Thanks
  2. Hi, We are also based in the UK and when I called PayPal they were aware of an issue but could not clarify when the fix would be made. But at least they did admit to a problem and that it would be fixed. BTW the issue for us was related to IPN calls (we use PayPal Payments Pro). Cat
  3. Hi, Does anyone know the time the rollback should complete? We are in the UK and this has affected all four of our stores. Thanks
  4. Hi, We are also looking for this solution. Can anyone tell us how to add a bcc email address to the order shipped email? Thanks
  5. We are having this same issue but more worryingly orders are not coming back as confirmed to our store, instead the customer pays and that is it as the IPN is not working so the order is never confirmed: Please check your server that handles PayPal Instant Payment Notifications (IPN). Instant Payment Notifications sent to the following URL(s) are failing: https://www.website.com/modules/paypal/ipn.php If you do not recognize this URL, you may be using a service provider that is using IPN on your behalf. Please contact your service provider with the above information. If this problem continues, IPNs may be disabled for your account. Thank you for your prompt attention to this issue. Could someone from Prestashop look in to this, I have contacted the developers of the PayPal Europe module but have heard nothing back as yet. Thanks
  6. I have another problem with this module. Since the "mailalerts" was updated when you go to the product page there is no notification that the product is out of stock, just a space missing where the Buy it Now button used to be. Anyone else having this issue? The out of stock is showing on the category page just seems the product page has been affected by this module update for the email & out of stock message.
  7. We have the same issue, it appears the module "mailalerts" was updated twice recently so I suspect there is a bug in the update. Hopefully there will be a fix released soon!
  8. Hi, I get the below 404 error but I can see the file on the server? Thanks in advance!
  9. Hi, I have the same problem with the display list not updating once the images are dragged in to their new positions. Anyone know of a fix? Thanks
  10. Hi, I have a similar issue, I did manage to semi fix the SHOW ALL pagination problem using https://github.com/PrestaShop/PrestaShop/commit/ddfba4cd7d5589e85986a6617a672697119fbc89 however this only works on the first page, if you go to show all on the second page and click show all it just redirects to page 1. Interestingly if you disable the "layered navigation" module then the pagination/show all issue works as intended (if using the fix on github). It looks as though there are multiple issues with pagination and the layered navigation module.
  11. Hi, we use the PayPal EU module and I can confirm this works ok for us and we are in the UK. Regarding the install issue, I would suggest (if not already tried) that the module is uploaded via FTP rather than via the BO and test that way? Just a thought!
  12. This fix only works if you are on the initial category page. If you navigate to page 2 for example and then select view all, it takes you to page 1 and does not showall :-( Any other fixes out there?
  13. Fantastic thank you, I have been looking to sort this for months :-)
  14. The PayPal Europe module v3.5.8 updated 20/08/13 has fixed the issue (somehow) so this ticket can now be closed. Thanks
  15. Looks like Prestashop have released an updated version of the Paypal Europe module (v3.5.8) today. I will try this new update... fingers crossed!
  16. Thanks for getting back (annoyingly) we have one site on the same server that is working absolutely fine and the main error logs don't appear to show anything of interest. Back to the drawing board on this issue I think!
  17. Incase it is of any significance it looks like this issue started around 2am (GMT) on 11th August 2013.
  18. Hi All, Since Monday we have not been receiving any orders to our websites via our PayPal module. We use the PayPal Europe module and have the PayPal Pro account (UK) which has been working correctly then all of a sudden we have stopped receiving orders. We get the payment in our PayPal account just no order in the Prestashop back office. At the moment we are manually verfiying orders which is not ideal. We have also upgraded to the latest version of PayPal Europe 5.3.8 but we still encounter the same error. The below dreaded 500 error comes up once you confirm your payment (see attached): "The page isn't redirecting properly Firefox has detected that the server is redirecting the request for this address in a way that will never complete." Just to confirm if you pay via the PayPal module (pay by card) the payment goes through and the customer is shown the PayPal transaction ID and usual information but crutially it does not redirect to the order-confirmation.php page? It is when you pay via your PayPal account and click on return to merchant website link that takes you back after payment that we see this 500 error with redirect eternal loop issue. However, I am guessing the 500 error and page not redirecting after payment is all connected to the same issue. Because of this final error the payment to order is not complete and the order does not validate. Please can anyone help with this issue it is affecting 6 of our stores running on PS 1.4.4 - 1.4.11 across two dedicated servers, but annoyingly we have one website that is working fine and the settings are all the same. Thanks in advance!
  19. I have had the same issue. I have copied across a number of the missing files however override/controllers are already on the server but are showing as missing in the BO. Any ideas?
  20. I had the same problem, I eventually traced it down to a problem with my SSL certificate not being installed on the correct username on the server. My SSL was installed under the user account 'nobody' (UID 99) as instructed but once installed it needs to be updated to the user account of the website. To see if you have the same problem go to enable SSL in the backoffice of PS then check your error log on your server if your certificate has been installed on the wrong user account (nobody) then you will receive an error similar to: "SoftException in Application.cpp:422: Mismatch between target UID (99) and UID (503) of file" If this is the case you will need to edit the http.conf file on your server to update the user account name from 'nobody' to your website user account to get it associated with the SSL certificate correctly. Once edited you will need to rebuild your server to push the changes live. I hope this helps. Cat
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