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  1. Doesn't let you install it at all on 1.6.x
  2. Thank you!! The version on the first post and on github doesn't even let you install it on 1.6.x PS of course thank you @MahmutGulerce for this must have module.
  3. Check the post above for the PayPal module, I just delete #cart_voucher and now it works. Prestashop 1.6.6
  4. Husar changes works like a charm. Just to explain exactly what you have to do: Add this (change the number 7 with your carrier's id that you don't want to have free shipping) $disable_freeshipping = array('7'); before this $free_fees_price = 0; and before this && (float)($free_fees_price) > 0) add this && !in_array($id_carrier, $disable_freeshipping) If you just want to have free shipping only on one carrier (the method above could be used for multiple carriers) just add this (change the 1 with the id of the carrier you want to have free shipping) AND $id_carrier==1 before this && (float)($free_fees_price) > 0)
  5. I tried it on weekend (by accident) and it still didn't track transactions.
  6. I will stick with 1.8.2 for now and i will wait for the update and of course the first testings. btw great job on hunting down all of the bugs.
  7. kermes on this thread http://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/387238-ganalytics-e-commerce-tracking-202/?p=1900570 have it figured out, the only thing remaining is for presta team to update it and fix the rest of the bugs. I'm a little disappointed in them, if all the problems kermes listed on his post are true then ganalytics module was POORLY updated and we are speaking for one of the most precious tool for any e-shop especially on holidays. PS this is my temporary "fix" http://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/388140-google-analytics-ecommerce-tracking/?do=findComment&comment=1900261
  8. I don't think will anybody try to help us here, so here is what i did to temporary fix it. Uninstall the 2.0.2 version upload via ftp the 1.8.2 version install it, reset it and voilà, works like a charm!
  9. Just a follow up, i've already uninstalled, cleared cache, reinstalled it. Also i've also reset the module. Nothing worked!
  10. Hello, the last 10 days i got a problem with google analytics (out of a sudden) it tracks visits and everything correctly but it has stopped track stats around ecommerce (orders, products, etc). I don't recall made any change the day it stopped working (5/12/14). I made a little research and the only thing i found is that when i make the order on the order-confirmation page i get this error on chrome console tab Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 500 (Internal Server Error) http://www.beautyaz.gr/el/module/ganalytics/ajax?orderid=BAZ00011758 and this some times GET http://www.beautyaz.gr/el/module/ganalytics/ajax?orderid=BAZ00011796 500 (Internal Server Error) v_71_b3234a4669ce5cb4decab5687cecf0f9.js:4 Thank in advance for any response and your time.
  11. I suppose there is not solution for this?
  12. Hello, i was looking if i could export on the invoices the Discount description that only visible to admins on BO, but i can't find the variable on the debug mode Could you help me please?
  13. Perfect that worked flawlessly! Thank you. PS I'm on Prestashop
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