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  1. Ciao, mi accodo anche io alla ricerca di una soluzione. Ho visto che ci sono dei moduli per i cookies e altri per permettere agli utenti di cancellare il proprio account. Ho inserito nell'header e nel footer gli script di google e di facebook remarketing, come è possibile fare in modo che il cliente possa decidere se riceverli o meno? Se il cliente si cancella dopo aver fatto un ordine come potrò ristampare la fattura? I moduli proposti in addons sono sufficienti per definirsi compliant con il gdpr? Molte domande, pochissimo tempo :-( Grazie a tutti ciao
  2. Hi to all, I downloaded the version 0.4.13 for PS under 1.7 from https://github.com/nenes25/eicaptcha/releases Has anybody installed it on ps Does it works? Thanks in advance Stefano
  3. Ciao ti ho scritto in privato Grazie Ciao
  4. Hi, I'm looking for someone who can help me to activate virtual host on VPS with Centos 7 and I need help to apply SSL free certificate to my site too. Thanks Stefano
  5. Hi, after a year a tried again to improve my VPS on centos 7 with virtual hosts... but nothing. It does not work... Can anybody help me? Thanks to all Stefano <VirtualHost *:80> ServerName www.mydomain.it ServerAlias mydomain.it DocumentRoot /var/www/mydomain/ RewriteEngine On </VirtualHost>
  6. Thanks DataKick, I will try to change something in the logic. If I can ;-) Bye
  7. Hi to all, I just wonder if it is possible to assign more than one category id in the module homefeatured. At the moment you can choose only one category (if none, 2 home as default). Otherwise, where is the sql select the module execute to show the products? Thanks in advance Stefano
  8. Hi to all, my shop is actually installed on a VPS with Centos 7 on the default site of apache /var/www/html I need to have a test enviroment so I would like to use the same VPS and use virtual hosts to define the two sites (test and online). I use mod_rewrite with friendly url and everything works perfectly with the default configuration If I use virtual hosts configuration mod_rewrite does not work anymore and the only working url is the homepage of both the sites (online one and test one). Any suggest? Thank you to all in advance Stefano
  9. Sorry, found it! A collegue set the buttons "disable non native module" and "disable override" to YES THANKS
  10. Help! Suddenly every kind of menu I have disappeared. I do not know why. Cleaned cash, debug mode, but nothing happen. Please, can anyone help me? this is the last error I get on my server AH01215: PHP Notice: Trying to get property of non-object in /web/htdocs/www.bikejamming.it/home/tools/smarty/sysplugins/smarty_internal_templatebase.php(157) : eval()'d code on line 142: /web/htdocs/www.bikejamming.it/home/index.php Thanks to all
  11. Sono in trepidante attesa! Sarà disponibile anche su satispay.it? Grazie
  12. Hi, due to the Italian tax law, we should need to add a check box in order opc that ask the customer if he/she need an Invoice. If not: hide the field DNI hide the field Company hide the field VAT number do not create an invoice when the order is confirmed/payed If yes: show the field DNI and get it mandatory show the field Company if Company is not empty: --->show the field VAT number and get it mandatory If customer is not Italian: ---->hide the field DNI ---->hide the field Company ---->hide the field VAT number ---->Show birth date and place of birth and get them mandatory Thanks to all Stefano
  13. Hi to all, I've got many products with combinations. What I need is: If a product is "available for order even it is out of stock" then hide or disable the "add to cart button" for those combinations that have quantity = 0 The optimum it should be that this behaviour should happen only if the product is associated to a specific supplier. I tryed to modify product.tpl and product.js without any success. Can anyone help me? Thanks in advance Stefano
  14. Ho notato una cosa però. Mettendo lo script tra i tag literal rimane visibile in chiaro l'id del pixel. Può essere un problema? Grazie Ste
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