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  1. Hi, Sorry, If I confused you. I've done that myself. www.jnlstores.com - This was what I wanted. (Nav bar stay top while scroll.) Thank you for your reply.
  2. I'm Sorry to Say - I'm no longer using PS on my jnlstores.com web site. I have moved to WP. But if you have any questions about the theme please contact me. I will try my best to assist. Hello Friends, I'm here to share a simple theme with you which I tweaked myself using prestashop default theme. After upgrading 1.6 , I had issue with updating items. (Save and Save & Stay buttons were spinning for long time.) So I restored to 1.5. Unfortunately my backup file didn’t work properly and my store was messed up. I almost lost 3800 products lost. About 6000 customer database has gone. So I had to start from the beginning where I started my store few years ago. Here I am now. Help with prestashop community I manage to recover about 500 products. But not the product images. However I’m building up new store at the moment. I thought I should contribute something to community. May be somebody get help from it. So this template developed using prestashop default template and used many paid and free modules. I will credit all the module owners with next update. If any of you like to add / credit module owners please add below or let me know. If any questions feel free to let me know. I will answer as much as I can. I’m not a designer pro. So If something which I cannot help I will redirect you the correct place if possible. I tested this on all 1.5 versions and working without issue. However please please please BACKUP your theme / store before install this theme. (I gone through that pain). JNL Theme Version 1.0 (Feel free to modify and share with all of us). Demo : www.jnlstores.com Install: Please follow the instructions in Read Me file. I can not attach file here. It give me error saying "This file was too big to upload". (If any moderator please help me to attach here. Mean while I will upload it to my server and give the link here.) Download : http://www.jnlstores.com/JNLStoreTheme.zip (5.73MB) I will add next version when I developed template more. Suggestions and Complaints are most welcome. Thank you. Lanka. (Sorry about my English)
  3. Hi Fabien, Is there any chance this module can develop for front end. I meant store users (not for admins). Hope you got clear what I meant. I tried few tweaks to show this on front end for general users. But didn't success. Can you give me any clue how I can do this or is there any chance you have same module for general users on front end. Thank you so much. Lanka www.jnlstores.com
  4. Hi Dear Dan, Unfortunately this did not work. Same error message coming. Error shows under Synchronization tab when I click save and list products. I work on Presta
  5. Yes. Same here. Done ,pst of the tweaks. But no luck. Still says EAN missing or invalid. It shows "EAN is missing a value. Enter a value and try again. Enter a value in EAN and try again." Any solutions please. All my eBay store depend on this module. Edit : I have already updated the eBay module and it's latest version (1.11).
  6. Hi, I'm new to PS. I just installed my shop and doing some tweaks at the moment. I just made some random orders to check my system. All three orders I made randomly, I got Order confirmation email. However there was no any attachment on two orders. But on one order I had attachment saying "NONAME.TXT" and it had all order details such as Order ID, Item and Shipping Prices, Payment Information etc. 1.I like to know why I got only one order confirmation with attachment? 2. Can I fix this to get attachment with all order confirmation mails? 3. Finally if this possible can I get it as PDF? Thanks for your kind help. Thank you. Lanka.
  7. I I'm running same issue on "PrestaShop™" Could anybody please let me know, how to change / add / php.ini file. Thanks you. LK.
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