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  1. Saluti, Subscriu si eu http://www.shakk.ro - Hip Hop Discount
  2. Servus, Daca nu te descurci si ai tare tare :-) nevoie de el, suna aici http://www.tippman.ro te saluta, tippi
  3. Saluti, Ar fi ceva... http://www.prestastore.com/search-filter/723-filter-search-21-community-edition.html Succes, tippi http://www.tippman.ro
  4. incearca la linia 26 '{phone}' => $_POST['phone']
  5. ai asignat variabila in contact-form.php ? $smarty->assign('phone',$phone) coresp variabilei tale ? tippi http://www.tippman.ro/
  6. Daca ai introdus corect la linia 26 in array si campul nou (phone), mai trebuie sa modifici probabil si template-ul pentru mail (mails/en/contact.html) adaugand variabila coresp. Bafta! tippi http://www.tippman.ro/
  7. Presupun ca doresti ca textele sa fie in romana. Modifici (adaugi) traducerile campurilor corespunzatoare pentru front office... Sau doresti sa modifici forma butonului? ../themes/css/global.css Bafta! tippi http://www.tippman.ro/
  8. Hello, I have the same problem, but not on a live shop. It seems that the problem appeared when I have set the option BO/Preferences/Email/Set my own SMTP parameters. For advanced users ONLY. When I've set it back to "Use PHP mail() function. Recommended; works in most cases" it started to work ok I have no idea if this caused the problem, but maybe this info can be helpful... Regards
  9. - it is not possible to set invoice to be in other currency than default; reinject quantities is not working; You should adapt it first and test it in real shops!!!
  10. reinject quantities is not working (order canceled or returned), the problem in the post above (mine) is solved
  11. Hi, First, thank you for this great module! It is exactly what I needed. I have a question though: - my default currency in shop is EURO, but I want the invoice to be in RON (romanian currency) - I have set currency_restrictions to be only in RON for both of my payment modules (bankwire and COD), but this works only for bankwire. Any ideas? Thank you, tippi
  12. Ideea este ca in cazul in care introduci produsele manual si produsele sunt similare intr-o oarecare masura, sa fii cat mai operativ La link-ul de back, ai cateodata 2 optiuni: - back to list - back to category dar nu intotdeauna... http://www.tippman.ro
  13. Da, de putut sigur se poate face... Sunt putin rau acum, dar ma gandeam ca a facut-o cineva deja... Oricum, Multumesc http://www.tippman.ro
  14. Buna, Se pot crea mai multe duplicate de produse o data ? Sau este necesar sa se creeze duplicat cu duplicat... De asemenea, dupa crearea sau editarea unui produs nou, am observat ca nu se mai poate reveni la categoria curenta, butonul "Inapoi la lista" te duce "sus" la categoria Home... Se poate schimba asta? Va multumesc, tippi
  15. I solved it... I inserted into "tools.js" Thank you, tippi
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