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  1. I have use sagitta theme and and quite happy with it, now i've question about top menu, as in posextention, i can edit "categories", "our brand", "custom menu" but i can't find where i can edit "new product", "sales product", "contact us", "about us", "blog" and in back office modules --> megamenu customer is seem quite no clue about this does anyone know how to edit this Thank you
  2. I want my shop to have Facebook like button pop-up when customer visit does anyone have one? or else just simple popup module that can modify HTML please suggest Thank you in advance
  3. Last comments can solve my problem Thank you very much,, ;D So appreciated
  4. my cache is set to "no" already since from the start and It still not work I don't know why ps, i use PrestaShop™ do I have to do some more things? Thank again for your answer
  5. Thank for your answer, now i try to follow your step but, after i finish your step.. now when customer sign up new member they still in Group 1 default, not automatically in my group 2 promotion T-T
  6. Dear all, i'm such a newbie for prestashop and I have question to ask My shop is open and have promotion to who register within 30 April will get discount, so my question is is there possible to set that customer who register will automatically move to "my promotion group" not a "default" group? because now i have to monitor when someone register and do manual to move them to "my promotion group" 1 by 1 ,, too badd
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