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  1. Try reloading the page or delete cookies etc. You can also try using another browser to see if it works. It is compatible with IE, Mozilla, Chrome ... I have sometimes problems when using Mozilla (it gets stuck) but after deleting cookies and history all works fine. I think 4 you it's just a glitch. Good luck!
  2. A page like that would be much of a help and would be much appreciated. Hope you'll find some time to do that in the near future. Thx!
  3. Just disable the module above the carousel. Or change their order in backoffice.
  4. Very nice module! I'll give it a try. Thx!
  5. If you didn't find a solution yet, just search the forums for slide modules. You'll find what you need.
  6. valorile le poti lua zilnic de aici – script-ul de sus face update la baza de date direct http://www.bnro.ro/nbrfxrates.xml
  7. Le bouton n'est pas dans le centre. Comment pouvons-nous corriger ca? The button is not in the center. How can we fix this?
  8. Ultima solutie a rezolvat problema. Merci!
  9. Chiar nu ma poate ajuta nimeni cu asa ceva??
  10. Poate sa ma ajute cineva in realizarea unui script care sa actualizeze automat baza de date cu rata de schimb bnr? Thx!
  11. Salutare! As avea nevoie de ceva ajutor... am mutat niste module de pe partea stanga pe partea dreapta si vice-versa si acum nu se mai potrivesc culorile... adica nuantele de gri sunt diferite. Unde trebuie sa modific ca sa rezolv aceasta problema? (m-am uitat prin global.css dar nu am zarit ce ar trebui modificat exact)
  12. I asure you this is not even close to enough. I already did that after install For example your images arent safe with just changing the admin folder name
  13. Pai am modificat ca sa faca actualizarea de la BNR numai k actualizarea in baza de date tot manual o faci... ma intereseaza un script care sa ruleze actualizarea zilnic. Merci!
  14. Exista o modalitate de a automatiza procesul de update al ratei de conversie? Sau trebuie facut manual...zilnic...? Eu am instalat modulul BNR insa inafara faptului k se afiseaza pe prima pagina (cam inestetic din pct meu de vedere) nu ii vad rostul. Se poate face conversia automata cu ajutorul acestui modul sau exista vreo alta procedura pt asta?
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