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  1. I have not resolved the problem, because If I order a minimum of Article 1 is to "add to cart". If I put the minimum order of more than 1 disappears. Moreover, in Italian, (always in the featured products module) can not display the short description of the product. I think prestashop is not very reliable as a platform for e-commerce. How do I solve this big problem? Thnaks
  2. Hi As if by magic, yesterday the button "add to cart" disappeared from the featured products module. Someone can give me some help? thanks The store is accessible at the following address: http://www.spoto.it/store/en/ add_to_cart.pdf
  3. Salve come per incanto, ieri il tasto "aggiungi al carrello" è sparito dal modulo prodotti in vetrina. Qualcuno sa darmi un aiuto? Grazie Il negozio è raggiungibile al seguente indirizzo: http://www.spoto.it/store/en/ aggiungi_al_carrello.pdf
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