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  1. As I was only starting a new shop, which I wanted to configure in the same way as an existing I cloned my existing, and this all works properly. I did find that a couple of modules didnt copy up, this when traced was down to filezilla throwing a 260 error and thinking they were malware, I only updated filezilla a week or so ago, perhaps this has a bearing.? or maybe not! I uploaded the modules via the hosting file upload and worked perfectly, I have parked my install until someone solves the uploading issues.
  2. uploaded adminmodulescontroller.php and it works perfectly instantly when loading via the hosting files manager!! Filezilla is the problem...
  3. I have the same problem in controller not found. I did configuration and it reported adminmodulescontroller.php was missing checked and sure enough not there. I have another perfectly working presta shop so copied file off and then uploaded using filezilla Checked no file. created a blank file named the same uploaded fine, checked it was there all fine. downloaded pasted the contents into this new file and uploaded not there when checked... chekced filezilla logs and it reports 260 malware! so something in this file is wrong. I have over the last 3 days tried installing 1.6 then 1.5 fresh and now 1.5 cloning existing and have had errors with unable to upload images and this module missing in on a fresh 1.6 install. and now on a clone.. Thinking now is its filezilla????? Any thoughts? perhaps its the issue, my adminmodulescontroller
  4. I have exactly the same issue, seems to be some issues with the php files in 1.6 I googled the error message and presta shop and there are some prototype php files that you can patch, and one edited by a user, When applied I get further than the cannont upload error and now get adt.jpg : Error while uploading image; please change your server's settings. (Error code: Missing a temporary folder) I found another suggesting changing the settings to 777 for the images directory and another to create a tmp folder in a php file, tried all these but not further forward..
  5. thanks this solved the initial problem for me, but now reports Missing a temporary folder but a step along the way now!
  6. Uploading any image for a product or category i get this message. Image format not recognized, allowed formats are: .gif, .jpg, .png tried small jpg and png files same error. Also getting an error in configuration advising in optional parameters to fix the following errors magicquotes I have version PHP 5.3.24 Any help appreciated,
  7. having the same problem in but this class doesnt appear to be there, having problems uploading all images including main logo anyone have a fix?
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