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  1. Thanks for help. I try but it was nut succesful... Any other idea?
  2. Hi, after upgrade I notice, that I cant choose color of product and also if I select example blue color, wont change picture asigned to that color. Problem apears with all product, sizes,.... Example: http://smartlife.si/slusalke/347-ozone-rage-st-slusalke.html Try to add in cart yellow (Rumena) color, in cart will be black. Can somebody help me, please? Thanks in advance.
  3. I already did, but without success. I try also with notepad++ with search all files....
  4. That I also found, but I dont know in which file I can delete that....
  5. I think also there is a problem with tpl file, but which? Google ads are displayed trough html box.
  6. I checked theme file, but seems to be ok. You can check on: smartlife.si to see what I need to repair...
  7. Yes, I reslolve first problem, but still need to delete words at in the left corner....
  8. Not me, but I think some files are changed - optimised. Any solution where to delete that letters?
  9. I dont have module home text editor in modules....
  10. For last problem I open another theme. I will try Home Editorial module when will have to access to modules....
  11. How to repair that? Thats appear when I click to modules: [PrestaShop] Fatal error in module dboptimization: syntax error, unexpected '<'
  12. Thanks for answer. But I notice I even cant get access to modules: I receive error: [PrestaShop] Fatal error in module dboptimization: syntax error, unexpected '<' How to solve that?
  13. I need some help. I want to delete some letters which appear in left uper end... In which file I can do that. See picture what I mean. Thanks.
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