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  1. Hi there, thanks for testing it.. in my Iphone and in my client's safari shows a message like "the page will reload due to errors" and it keeps reloading it until it crushes... never seen that before though... This is happening some seconds after the slider tries to load the images... Sorry but i cannot attach a screenshot... i cannot find out how...
  2. Hi all, i just uploaded this site for my client and it seems that we have a major issue. When i activate" Image slider for your homepage" on mobiles the site crashes when visiting the home page. That is from mobiles. Safari on Iphone, even when visiting from facebook. Do you have any ideas what is causing this and what should i do?? Right now i have it enabled, please visit it from your phone to see what is happening. http://next-fashion.gr/ Thanks in advance
  3. Is there any news/mods about it?? i have many e-shops for my customers that need to have a VAT option, some custom fields that is.. If someone knows about a third-party plugin for this please let me know! The presta community in Greece is big i believe, Presta should already had fix this with some custom fields.
  4. I have done all of what you suggested but still cannot get it to work.... 1.6 here...
  5. that was logical... sometimes you forget those choices... thanks a lot for your support
  6. i believe i fixed it just rebuilded everything in layered navigation, prices, attributes and urls and everything seems to work just fine... give it a try..
  7. Layered navigation??? This is something i cannot disable... i bought a theme just for that and the whole site is based on those features... i prefer deleting some the last entry in any product as you proposed... by the way i have a site now online with a WHOLE CATEGORY unavailable... someone should help us on this
  8. that means i cannot get rid of the errors... right?
  9. i deleted all the empty .css files and it messed up the site... i do not know why is this happening but...
  10. Yes these files are really empty... thanks.. if i am right, i think that presta gets them from the default after it "realizes" that they are empty, right? How can i make them now load at all? i mean just go at the default folders in the first place..
  11. Hi all, I have many errors in my shop when the pages loads, most of them in .css files. The strange thing is that Alla of those files ane not missing, and besides that, all site layout is just fine... Has someone any idea what the problem could be? I have attached the errors and here you can visit my site Thanks in advance
  12. In case someone needs it, this worked for me on, i also added an if statement to check if the manufacturer has an image {assign var="manpic" value="img/m/{$product_manufacturer->id_manufacturer}.jpg"} {if file_exists($manpic)} <div class="product_manufacturer" style="margin-bottom:15px;"> <a style="float:left; display:block;margin-right:40px;" href="{$content_dir}manufacturer.php?id_manufacturer={$product_manufacturer->id_manufacturer}" title="{l s='View all products'}"> <img src="{$content_dir}img/m/{$product_manufacturer->id_manufacturer}-small_default.jpg" /></a> <div style="float:left; display:block;"><strong>View all products from</strong><h3><a href="{$content_dir}manufacturer.php?id_manufacturer={$product_manufacturer->id_manufacturer}">{$product_manufacturer->name}</a></h3></div> </div> {/if}
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