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  1. Which code is to be write in homefeatured.css so that my center featured products be looks like this in 2 columns format. Thanks in advance.
  2. For changing the color of my account in footer, you have to first go to Modules folder and then go to blockmyaccountfooter folder. There you can find the css file and edit it. Now your problem is solved bro. And thanks in advance for posting the tutorial .
  3. Hi, I have the same problem as you have. Account block in footer is not changing even tried many times.
  4. I have tried so many times but due to lack of knowledge I'm not able to change color, border types of my blocks. Just in simple example, if I have to change block color and border of categories see image where I have to write the codes in global.css file? Please tell me where I have to write code.
  5. I know its unique thats why I said its a brilliant idea and concept. But for me as a low budget site, I can't afford it.
  6. Problem is solved. There was problem in the payment gateway module. Thank You. But my another problem is still there please help me in this concern. Here is the link. http://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/194007-server-error-comes-when-changing-fonts-colors/page__p__961633?do=findComment&comment=961633
  7. Hello Sir, I am using PS 1.5.1. Yesterday I just add one module of EBS payment gateway module given by the officials of the site. I'm using hosting service of 000webhost.com
  8. Dear All, Its a serious matter for me. Whenever I tried to open Modules tab in my admin area, I got 500 internal error showing server error. Everything is working and opening fine except this Module tab. This problem exist from today. Please help me because I am helpless without modules. Waiting for your reply and file attached which error I am getting.
  9. Hello Andrej, I saw your site and the concept of theme maker is awesome. Thats really nice and unique. From that, my question is, Can we make other blocks likes categories, manufacture, etc. by our own desired blocks?
  10. Thank You for giving me information. It will helps me a lot as I don't know much about coding.
  11. Okay. Means if I have to change layout and color of the theme , I have to do work in CSS folder in themes right?
  12. Dear All Members, I am Aakash running an online Mobile store using PS 1.5. I need help from those who knows how to edit the theme of the site because I want to change the theme from black default color to my own color blocks. Those who knows please reply or contact me on my mail id also at [email protected] Its very urgent so please help me with my concern. Thanks in advance.
  13. Hello Everyone, I don't know much this coding work but whenever I add a product in my site , on writing Short Description of the product ( SEE PIC 1) if I change the fonts & colors in the description its shows SERVER ERROR ( SEE PIC 2) But when I put it to default font and colors, it is saved successfully. Now , I want to know why this error came ? Because this changing in colors & fonts in short descriptions doesn't effect when I was using PS 1.4.8. But after upgrading to PS 1.5, problems exists. Please help me what to do now & give solutions. Thanks & Regards,
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