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  1. Turns out this caused other problems so I went back to non-downloadable products. I can change the link to bypass the shipping option in order.htm. I just can't find where to upload it again. Where are order.htm and order?step=1 etc located?
  2. I changed all products to downloadable and gave the file a name, the shipping page is gone, GREAT, but now after I click next from choose delivery address http://www.braincozy.com/order?step=1 it goes to http://www.braincozy.com/order the next button here does nothing. Any thoughts? Thank you Karen
  3. I am trying to do away with choose shipping method all together. I finally have Canada Post listed as default, but I do not want to open a Canada Post account. When customer gets to the page to choose shipping method, Canada Post is only option, on next nothing happens I am stuck there. Any thoughts on disabling shipping?
  4. I have regular Canada Post choosen for shipping. I don't want to set up an account with Canad Post or give customers option of carriers. Tried to turn it off, but shipping needs a default apparently, In check out I get this error: There are no carriers available that deliver to this address. Is it possible to do without shipping options all together? Thanks Karen
  5. I am also looking for this answer. My hosting service tells me to replace my .htaccess file with these instructions: To access any of your files through a SSL connection, use the following URL: https://websitenamecom.netfirms.com/<anyfile> ... where <anyfile> is the name of any file in your web directory. Files in subdirectories will work too. Just use https://websitename.netfirms.com/<directory>/<anyfile> ... where <directory> is the name of any subdirectory. There is much more in the .htaccess file, can this advice be correct? I don't quite understand. Maybe I am way off track, I am new at this. Thanks
  6. Thank goodness the community is so supportive, It is what is getting me by.
  7. My first PS site! Please test and comment. http://www.braincozy.com Thanks
  8. In order to add more images with links in advertising block, I tried this: In advertising block.tpl & advertising block.php I duplicated the <div> containing the image and duplicated the <form> script. Worked but I did not not have the image link correct. Don't have any more time to mess with it. There must be an easier way. Any thoughts are welcome. Cheers Karen
  9. So I am getting there. The Paypal logo is in payment block, so I left it as is. I transplanted the advertising block under payment block as you suggested, then I edited the block-advertising.tpl to resize the image. Now I am trying to figure how to duplicate the advertising block, as I would like to add more images with links under Virtual Assistant image. I wonder if I could add more images in the .tpl? http://www.braincozy.com
  10. Yes, I have the compile and cache correct. Maybe the hooks. I will try that tomorrow. Thanks, will post with results.
  11. Yes, I did this, the image is in the block advertising folder, although tit does not show on line.
  12. No Transplanting, I am scared to touch that. Any suggestions as to how to add a column ? Could I Add more images under the Paypal logo without messing thing up?
  13. I am trying to add a module to the right side of the page for small adds with links to outside url's. I disabled the advertising block some time ago. I have re-installed it, configured it, cleared smarty cache, browser cache etc. But do not see the advertising block on my page, http://www.briancozy.com. Any suggestions for fixing the advertising block, or another solution for a new column on right side of page? Cheers & Thanks Karen
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