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  1. Bonjour, j'utilise le module Carrousel v3.0.0 pour afficher un slider sur la homepage. Dans les paramètres des diapositives, j'ai "URL cible". Est-ce qu'il est possible de mettre un chemin relatif par rapport à la racine du site ? Le problème c'est que si je mets un chemin complet du genre "http://localhost/monsitepresta/mapage.html" lors du transfert ce chemin sera non valide pour les visiteurs de mon site en ligne. Evidemment, je peux remplacer le chemin après coup mais c'est très chiant et pas pratique. Est-ce qu'il serait pas possible d'utiliser des variables d'environnement ? du genre {http}{domain}{physical_uri}mapage.html ?
  2. Pour contourner le problème, il est aussi possible d'éditer le code HTML et d'ajouter une classe pour aligner l'image comme on le souhaite mais je pense avant tout à mes clients qui n'ont pas de notion HTML et qui utiliseront que l'interface WYSIWIG pour écrire leurs articles.
  3. Hi, I am trying to override the Product information view in the back office but it does not work. Initially the file I want to override is the following one: {custom admin dir}\themes\default\template\controllers\products\informations.tpl So I copied this file to override\controllers\admin\templates\products\ and added a textarea for a custom field I created for Product. Any modification in the override file is not taken into account so maybe I need to do something else (removing a cache file for example)? Any idea? I am using PS Solution: In Advanced parameters/Performances, I switched "disable all he overrides" to no and now this is working.
  4. Merci pour votre proposition cependant je souhaiterai éviter d'utiliser les tableaux pour la mise en forme. J'ai proposé une correction sur github par contre je suis pas sûr à 100% qu'elle soit bien prise en compte
  5. Hi, I imported categories with images on Prestashop but I had problems with images thumbnail generation. Some images with medium_default size are generated with big whitespaces around them so the images seem to be very small. medium_default has the default configuration 125x125. We can see the problem here: http://buroshop.titchagcreation.com/286-pochette-d-expedition. On subcategory "POCHETTE A BULLE D'AIR" the image seems to be very small. This is the original image: http://buro-shop.info/bs_img/B0012-C00023.jpg I put in my csv file. It is strange because this problem did not occur with all images. For example, here: http://buroshop.titchagcreation.com/280-enveloppes-pochettes for subcategory: "ENVELOPPES & POCHETTES..." the image was well generated. This is the original image: http://buro-shop.info/bs_img/C00033-121888859.jpg. I already noticed this problem before. I regenerated the images (from Preferences/Images) and all the thumb images were well resized. Before regenerating the thumb images I would like to know if there is a solution for my problem? Maybe the original size of images can be a problem? Someone else encountered the same problem? I'm using Prestashop
  6. Thank you for your proposal. Finally I proposed a code modification directly in github. I hope it will be accepted!
  7. Hi, I encountered a problem when editing a CMS content. I wanted to center an image. In the source code, I had <p><img style="margin-left: auto; margin-right: auto; display: block;" src="http://localhost/mywebsite/img/cms/test.jpg" alt="Imprimantes" width="848" height="566" /></p> but after saving the content the display: block; disappeared so the image was not centered in the content. After investigation, i noticed that the library HTMLPurifier was removing the display: block;. OK I can disable the HTML Purifier in the configuration but this kind of thing is legitimate in HTML so I would propose to disable this kind of filtering by allowing tricky CSS. In Tools::purifyHTML(...), it could be interesting to add $config->set('CSS.AllowTricky', true); so the code can be purified and display: block; will not disappear anymore. Is there any Prestashop developer who can validate this suggestion? and maybe implement it in a next version of Prestashop?
  8. Bonjour, Même problème, 2 ans plus tard... J'utilise la version Je remarque qu'à partir de l'éditeur CMS, lorsqu'on centre l'image, on a bien le code <p><img style="display: block; margin-left: auto; margin-right: auto;" src="http://monsite.com/i...esalignepas.jpg" alt="" width="300" height="225" /></p> cependant quand on sauvegarde l'article, le display: block disparait... Une idée? Bon, finalement, j'ai débuggé ce problème parce que ça m'embêtait vraiment Pour faire simple, j'ai désactivé l'option Utiliser la bibliothèque HTMLPurifier dans Préférences/Générales. Il s'agit d'une librairie pour nettoyer le code HTML. Il faudrait aller dans le détail pour voir pourquoi cette librairie vire le display: block qui est tout à fait légitime mais c'est trop long.
  9. Actually, I go further with the analysis of the module block specials. I had this initial problem again after my browser crashed ( so I reset all my browser sessions). I viewed the BlockSpecials class. The list of specials products is given by the static variable $cache_specials which is generated in hookDisplayHomeTab(...) and hookRightColumn(...) but this variable is only generated if the blockspecials.tpl or the tab.tpl are not cached. It is weird! Because if the templates are not modified this variable is not calculated anymore...so if you change the special products (add/remove/update) the list is not refreshed on the user browser. In my case, my session was reset so the static variable $cache_specials was reinitialized and the list of products disappeared. After I cleared the cache of the templates, this variable was calculated again and the list of products appeared again. Personnally, I overrode the BlockSpecials class and redefined the hookDisplayHomeTabContent(...) function. I didn't redefine hookRightColumn(...) because I don't need it (I don't display the right hook). In the redefined method, I force the calculation of BlockSpecials::$cache_specials so I am sure that the list is always up-to-date. public function hookDisplayHomeTabContent($params) { if (Configuration::get('PS_CATALOG_MODE')) return; BlockSpecials::$cache_specials = Product::getPricesDrop((int)$params['cookie']->id_lang, 0, Configuration::get('BLOCKSPECIALS_SPECIALS_NBR')); if (!$this->isCached('blockspecials-home.tpl', $this->getCacheId('blockspecials-home'))) { $this->smarty->assign(array( 'specials' => BlockSpecials::$cache_specials, 'homeSize' => Image::getSize(ImageType::getFormatedName('home')) )); } if (BlockSpecials::$cache_specials === false) return false; return $this->display(__FILE__, 'blockspecials-home.tpl', $this->getCacheId('blockspecials-home')); } I am the only one who had problems with this block?
  10. That's what I thought but i was surprised because the static content of the tpl file was OK.
  11. Hi, I overrode the block specials home template but now the specials products seem empty. I created a file blockspecials-home.tpl in themes/mytheme/modules/blockspecials. I just added text and the modification is taken into account but the variable $specials returns nothing so I have the message "No special products at this time.". I specify that I have specials products. They are displayed if i remove my override. This is the content of my file <p>{l s='Hello' mod='blockspecials'}</p> {if isset($specials) && $specials} {include file="$tpl_dir./product-list.tpl" products=$specials class='blockspecials tab-pane' id='blockspecials'} {else} <ul id="blockspecials" class="blockspecials tab-pane"> <li class="alert alert-info">{l s='No special products at this time.' mod='blockspecials'}</li> </ul> {/if} I just added a paragraph... Do I need to declare the variable $specials as global or do something else? Sorry, but now it works...I just change the variable _PS_MODE_DEV_ to true. I put it to false again and it works. I don't know happened...
  12. I answer in case someone else has the same problem. It was a problem of file encoding. The footer.tpl file was encoded in ANSI. I encoded it in UTF-8 and it works now.
  13. Actually, it is what I had before so I tried putting %s instead of %1$s. Maybe there is a debug file or a cache file where I can get more information about this problem?
  14. Hi, I try to display a message in my theme (in footer.tpl) using sprintf {l s='%s %s - My Company. All rights reserved.' sprintf=['©', 'Y'|date]} but it displays nothing. If i don't use sprintf it works. Example: {l s='© 2016 - My Company. All rights reserved.'} Am i missing something?
  15. Actually the Multiple Features Import does not fill my needs. I made some tests and the default feature import match the need I previously expressed. I didn't know that this tool allowed to import new features. It's OK. Anyway my client cannot obtain the structure required by the feature column (feature:value;position:custom) so I have to find a workaround
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