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  1. Hi everyone, do you guys know how to lower the logo and store name, date, invoice position? Please refer to the picture to see what I mean. They're too close to the top edge and I'd like them to be lowered a bit. I'm using btw Thank you
  2. Hi, it works. I changed parent::__construct('L', 'mm', 'A5', true, 'UTF-8', $use_cache, false); into parent::__construct('L', 'mm', 'A5', true, 'UTF-8', $use_cache, false); looks like it was just a printer issue I had earlier.
  3. I tried adding my own custom size in tcpdf.php line 2486: case 'A42': {$pf = array( 595.276, 431.890); break;} and changed line 47 in classes\pdf\PDFGenerator.php into: parent::__construct('P', 'mm', 'A42', true, 'UTF-8', $use_cache, false); and also line 120 in tool\fpdf\fpdf.php into: $this->PageFormats=array('a3'=>array(841.89,1190.55), 'a4'=>array(595.28,841.89), 'a42'=>array(595.28,430.89), 'a5'=>array(420.94,595.28), 'letter'=>array(612,792), 'legal'=>array(612,1008)); but the result was again not as I expected. The content still occupied the whole A4 paper while it supposed to fill only the top half.
  4. no, not just the margins but the entire paper size.. i want it to be 21 something left-right and 10 something from top-bottom. i tried changing the 'A4' to 'A5' and set to L (landscape) but it didn't come out as I wanted. as far as i know prestashop only provides templates for A4, A5, A6 (perhaps), letter, legal and a few more. My desired paper size doesn't included in the list. if i need to create my own paper size template, i'd like to know how and where i can put the codes.
  5. unfortunately, the site belongs to my client and the problem occurs in the back office so i cannot pass the password thank you for your reply by the way...
  6. Hi, I encountered this weird problem. I clicked on Catalog, Products and it shows nothing. Completely nothing. Not even the menu title. Attached is what it's like after I clicked Catalog, Products. However, it seems like that the products database is okay. The products are still showing on the front store. What should I do to display the products? thank you
  7. had a similar problem.. solved now.. try this: go to: Localization | Currencies and edit the currency. Change the symbol from "Rp" to "R" and disable spacing, SAVE. Edit the currency again, this time change the "R" to "Rp ", with space after Rp, SAVE. see if it works.. if it doesn't, try working around with the symbol and spacing...
  8. Hi, what if you want to print on a custom paper size? It's neither A4, A5, A6. Where do I define the sizes and how can I do that? Thank you
  9. Hi everyone, is there a way I can modify the paper size in generated PDF files such as invoices, delivery slips? Thank you
  10. Hi semuanya, gimana ya caranya mengganti nama file invoice dan delivery slip? selama ini kan hanya pakai nomor urut... Apakah bisa dalam nama file itu juga terdapat tanggal dan nomor transaksi? Misalnya IN-26-10-2013-0001.pdf (26-10-2013 adl tanggal transaksi dan 0001 adl transaksi pertama pada tanggal itu). Lalu file apa yang perlu dimodifikasi untuk merubah format nama file invoice dan delivery slip ini? Terima kasih
  11. Hi, is there any way to modify Prestashop default's invoice and delivery slip's file name? I'd like the invoice to indicate the transaction date and the transaction number for that particular day. Perhaps I need to know which file I will need to modify in order to enter the scripts that will put the transaction date in the file name. And then I'd like some help on the script itself. Any suggestions? Thank you very much
  12. Mohon bantuannya... pada menu Stats terdapat banyak sub menu spt Visits and Visitors, Sales and Orders dll. Berbagai macam laporan ini sangat berguna tapi saya tidak menemukan menu untuk ngeprint laporan2 ini selain menggunakan Ctrl-P.. Adakah menu pada backoffice prestashop untuk ngeprint stats/laporan? Terima kasih
  13. Hi, there are some modifications I'd like to perform regarding with the invoice template: I need to modify the default invoice paper size into half of A4 paper size. So when I click "view invoice" or "generate invoice PDFs" they will be print ready in half A4 paper size. The current paper size is either letter size or A4. Which part I need to set up or code I need to modify? How do I make invoice number to reset automatically everyday? Which setting I should set up or which code I need to modify? In which part of admin area I can display the invoices for a particular day along with each of their amount of payment? For example, there are 3 invoices for Feb 22nd 2013 and I'd like to display invoice 1, 2, 3 in one page with their own amount of payment and payment grand total for that day. Thank you kindly for your help
  14. Hi, I've just installed Prestashop on itcarestore.com and I'd like to change the store photo, its phone number and email ("Contact Our Hotline" button). They're located by default on the lower part of the right sidebar. And another thing, where can I edit the content for Delivery, Legal Notice, About us, ToC, etc (everything in the "Information" section, lower part of the left sidebar)? Where should I edit them or do I need to modify any scripts? Thank you
  15. it works nicely... the module i found was "top horizontal menu" or something... thank you!
  16. Hi, I've just uploaded Prestashop on my site and I'm using the default theme. My question: On the menu bar, only 2 of the categories displayed as top menu ("ipods" and "accessories"). The rest are displayed as a sub menu of "Home". How do I make the other categories to appear as top menus well? What file to edit/option to set up? please take a look at: http://www.itcarestore.com/ Thank you very much
  17. Hi, there's something I'd like to ask here.. Reading the posts above, I know that I shouldn't apply the current beta version for a live store. However, is it possible for me to just enter the products using 1.4.7 and then having them migrated to 1.5 easily when it's released? I haven't used prestashop before and I plan on having 1.5 for my first live store. There are lots of products to be entered and it'll be wonderful if I can save time while waiting for 1.5 to be released. thank you
  18. Another thing to ask. Is there any database modification in Prestashop 1.5? I'm currently using 1.4.7 and I'm planning to enter the products in the coming days. If there are going to be significant database modifications, I'll enter the products after 1.5 is released.
  19. I heard that Prestashop 1.5 is going to include this feature. If so, I'd like to ask that if I'm using 1.4.7 right now, is it going to be lots of hassle when upgrading to 1.5? Or I better wait for 1.5 instead?
  20. Is Prestashop 1.5 going to allow creating orders from the back office and modifying existing orders?
  21. Thank you. I went to their website but Prestashop wasn't in the list. And also it's very expensive hehe.. Anyone else know any cheaper alternatives?
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