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  1. Hi guys, Quick update to my situation that may help you, the problem was still occurring on PrestaShop I've found the problem goes away for me when I disable the Google Analytics module (v2.0.9). I believe this has something to do with the PayPal module updating the customers cart before payment, which in turn triggers a hook Google Analytics uses, overwriting the currency change. I'm not sure though. For now I've reverted back to Google Analytics 1.8.2 (Download from here, you'll need to copy the 'backwards_compatibility' folder from another module into it). Hope this helps anyone else with this issue.
  2. Working again after downgrading to I'm going to stick with this version as I've had a number of issues with .11-14. Back Office page load time back down to 100ms too. It had mysteriously jumped up to 2.00s+ with
  3. Can confirm I also have this issue after upgrading to I'm currently in the process of downgrading back to as quite a few issues have surfaced, and I'm led to believe its one of the more stable releases in PrestaShop 1.6
  4. I am having the same issue after upgrading to What was the last version of PrestaShop where this worked?
  5. Would also like to know this. I manage my installs using Git, on local, on a dev server and live. It'd be great if theres a way to upgrade locally and deploy the files to live and run a DB migration script? is this possible?
  6. Hi Bill, Ah thats a shame, I just assumed the front-end wasn't included from what Dh42 had said. I'm just hoping the new theme is a much better starting point when developing a site. I started a boilerplate a while ago though got tied up with projects outside of Prestashop, but it seemed like it was something that gathered interest. I have a big site re-design from Prestashop 1.2.5 on the horizon, so going to hold off until the RC versions are available to see how the new theme fares as a starting point.
  7. Awesome, thanks guys will check it out. Out of interest is there a repo for the front office theme? Would really like to check that out under the hood.
  8. With the recent Prestashop 1.6 sneak peak, has there been any word on when the alpha/pre-release branch will be available for developers to prepare with? Looks great by the way. Nice work!
  9. Yes, exactly. Thats why I said if there were still issues after following PageSpeed guidelines and doing all thats possible with Prestashop's front-end that it would be a server side issue. I've not used CloudCache, but if its anything like CloudFlare the slow initial response could have been due to their servers actually responding slower than my own.
  10. I've not tried CloudCache myself, but but found the same thing to be true with CloudFalre... when I got rid of it things were faster... brilliant work chaps! Great news you managed to sort it though, sorry to hear about the bad timing though!
  11. What other performance settings do you have enabled in Prestashop? The other website you listed looks to be a static HTML page, with no apparent CMS/Database behind it? Pages such as this will always load a lot faster than something like an e-commerce store or many other CMS websites. That said, the Prestashop store is very slow. A quick check checked things like over 30+ CSS files being loaded when one will do, suggesting Prestashop's CSS minify/concatenation isn't being used. Enable all the performance settings you can (Tools > Performance I believe), then see what Google Page Speed has to say https://developers.google.com/speed/pagespeed/insights If you're still having trouble then, I'd be inclined to think the hosting may need beefing up/changing.
  12. Wouldn't git submodules be perfect for this? Create a submodule for each of the Prestashop modules. I'd go as far as creating a repo for each Prestashop module, personally. Then when using the main Prestashop repo, you could "git submodule init", and all of the submodules are pulled in and updated from their individual repositories. This keeps the core Prestashop code, and each module seperate, while still having a native way to pull them all together. This is how extensions work on Symphony CMS, where nearly everything is hosted on GitHub.
  13. You can use http://tools.pingdom.com/fpt/ to test page speeds etc. I've always found it really useful as you can check from different locations.
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