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  1. What is truly annoying is that Prestashop seems to think they should make these kind of decsions on behalf of us and our customers. I do not care what Prestashop thinks is proven. I have a customer that is HEAVILY invested into this platform, and these unilateral decisions are not what customers want. Now, when complaining about these (frankly, stupid) decisions, we are told "It's opensource, if you don't like it, move on."
  2. Then why are the (Prestashop), saying that 5 step checkout is available on 1.7 for thelifestyle theme developed by themselves? https://addons.prestashop.com/en/fashion-shoes-templates/27648-lifestyle-by-prestashop-fashion-design.html
  3. We purchased the Prestashop-developed theme Lifestyle On the addons page it states that one page checkout and 5 step checkout is available (see below.) I cannot find where to set it to 5 step checkout. Does anybody have an idea? If this is not available, this is blatant misrepresentation from Prestashop. Copied from https://addons.prestashop.com/en/fashion-shoes-templates/27648-lifestyle-by-prestashop-fashion-design.html Navigation Scroll To Top Button Quick View Product Standard 5 Step Checkout <--- One Page Checkout Search Block Layered Navigation
  4. Hi there I recently completed an upgrade for our client by following the guide at https://devdocs.prestashop.com/1.7/basics/keeping-up-to-date/upgrade/ The client runs multistore with various themes based off the default-bootstrap theme. I upgraded them using the manual upgrade instructions as per the link above, as the 1-click upgrade module kept failing. The page linked above was our main guide when considering and quoting the upgrade for the client. I realized after the upgrade that the theme was no longer available under "themes" and that the upgrade process had installed a new "Classic" theme. After searching around on the web, I came to realize that 1.6 themes are not compatible with 1.7. I must note that the guide at https://devdocs.prestashop.com/1.7/basics/keeping-up-to-date/upgrade/ not once makes mention that 1.6 themes will no longer be compatible with 1.7 after the upgrade. I had to find clarification of this on StackOverflow. Obviously, I am now in a difficult situation, because we have done a lot of customization on the default-bootstrap theme over the past few years for our client's purposes. My questions are: 1) Is there a method / module / script / guide that I can use to upgrade the default-bootstrap theme and not just replace it with Classic? 2) Alternatively, is there perhaps a 1.7 version of the default-bootstrap theme available, that someone jury-rigged for 1.7? 3) What 1.7 theme would be "closest" to the original layout / design of default bootstrap? Regards Jacques
  5. We have a use case where clients subscribe to a club, for which they will be debited later. Our client wants to be able to track these sales via the gananlytics module. For free orders, the client is redirected to his account page, so the ganalytics module is not firing. How / where in code can I redirect the user to order confirmation (which has a hook for the ganalytics module) instead of the user's account / orders? Thanks.. Jacques
  6. Thank you, sir. After a long struggle you were the only one able to point me in the right direction.
  7. Hi there I have been looking for this all over. In PaymentModule class, the order confirmation mail is sent. I am not looking for that. My problem is that I have certain products that are free (basically a club membership that they will pay for at a later date). Now here is the issue. On a 0 value order, the client receives TWO emails: 1) Order confirmation email - OK, I want the customer to receive that. 2) Payment confirmation - NOT OK, since no money traded hands, and no payments were made, the customer should NOT receive a "Payment Confirmation" email. Where is the payment confirmation email sent from? It is NOT in PaymentModule. Thanks J
  8. Hi there Customers are being sent a Payment processed email for free orders. This makes absolutely no sense. How can I disable / remove this?
  9. Hi all In order-carrier.tpl I added the following Javascript: <script type="text/javascript"> {literal} $( document ).ready(function() { $.uniform.update($('#delivery_option_1_0').attr('checked',false)); $.uniform.update($('#delivery_option_1_1').attr('checked',true)); }); {/literal} </script> All it does is checks delivery option 1_1 radio (my second delivery option) when the page loads. This works for me. However, for some clients, the desired radio is selected, but then the first option is selected again. Does anyone know where the code/javascript sits that forces the selection of the first option? I want to strip that out of existence. Thanks J
  10. I have done an override for products and added an extra field called "Vintage." This all works fine and the vintage is saved against the product. What is the easiest way of adding this field (Vintage) to the layered navigation module? In other words, I would like a select list (dropdown) with the vintage years, where if a customer selects a year (vintage), it filters on that. Any pointers on getting that done as simply as possible without using features? Regards Jacques
  11. For Prestashop makeMenu() function in the blocktopmenu module (blocktopmenu.php): case 'LNK': $link = MenuTopLinks::get((int)$id, (int)$id_lang, (int)$id_shop); if (count($link)) { if (!isset($link[0]['label']) || ($link[0]['label'] == '')) { $default_language = Configuration::get('PS_LANG_DEFAULT'); $link = MenuTopLinks::get($link[0]['id_linksmenutop'], $default_language, (int)Shop::getContextShopID()); } $current = explode('?', Tools::safeOutput(urldecode($_SERVER['REQUEST_URI']))); $selected = (Tools::HtmlEntitiesUTF8($link[0]['link']) == $current[0]) ? ' class="sfHoverForce"' : ''; $this->_menu .= '<li'.$selected.'><a href="'.Tools::HtmlEntitiesUTF8($link[0]['link']).'"'.(($link[0]['new_window']) ? ' onclick="return !window.open(this.href);"': '').' title="'.Tools::safeOutput($link[0]['label']).'">'.Tools::safeOutput($link[0]['label']).'</a></li>'.PHP_EOL; } break; in themes\default-bootstrap\css\modules\blocktopmenu\css\superfish-modified.css: I made the following modification: .sf-menu > li.sfHoverForce > a{ background-color: white; color: #000 !important; text-shadow: none; } I would recommend you do a module override for this by placing blocktopmenu.php in in themes\default-bootstrap\modules\blocktopmenu\ otherwise you are going to lose your changes next time you update the module. J
  12. I am building a payment gateway module based on the Authorize.net (aim) module. The issue is that after 3DSecure validation, it redirects back to the website, but the cart is not in context, I think. Before I am redirecting, I am saving the cart id to the session. It throws the following error: "Cart cannot be loaded or an order has already been placed using this cart" This is triggered by: if (Validate::isLoadedObject($this->context->cart) && $this->context->cart->OrderExists() == false) on line 188 of classes/PaymentModule.php How can I load/reload the cart correctly? Thanks Jacques
  13. Hi Nemo1 I followed your instructions precisely, but it seems that /login does not have fancybox loaded. It gives me: Timestamp: 2015/07/20 12:47:22 PM Error: TypeError: $(...).fancybox is not a function Source File: http://website.url/themes/default-bootstrap/js/global.js Line: 29 $(document).ready(function(){ $('.modalbox').fancybox({type:'ajax'}); highdpiInit(); And the code from athentication.tpl <button class="btn btn-default button button-medium exclusive modalbox" type="submit" id="SubmitCreate" name="SubmitCreate"> Any ideas?
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