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  1. Having the same problem. Color list is loaded the first time, but after a few page refreshes they stop showing. This with cache enabled. With cache turned off, the colors show up correctly every time.
  2. Ive also been in the process of trying to speed up prestashop after upgrading to 1.6, and the configuration load time is the biggest problem left. In my shop, loading the config takes 800ms - the configuration.php takes 500ms to load and there are a ridiculous 113000 rows. The sql ps_configuration was only 500 rows back in prestashop 1.5 EDIT: The fix was actually really simple. On a fresh install of prestashop 1.6 the configuration table is only under 400 rows. In my case all the additional rows seem to have been remnants from some old statistics modules (not sure yet). Deleting the extra rows brought the total load time of init to 90ms, about the same as in a fresh install. Deleting the rows seems to not have had any affect in functions of statistics in the back end. Total row count came down from 113000 to 800 by removing the entrys with "name": SALES_CATALOG (+ SALES_CATALOG_EXPIRE) ABANDONED_CARTS +expire AVG_CUSTOMER_AGE +expire AVG_ORDER_VALUE +expire CONVERSION_RATE +expire CUSTOMER_MAIN_GENDER +expire DISABLED_CATEGORIES +expire DISABLED_MODULES +expire DISABLED_PRODUCTS +expire EMPTY_CATEGORIES +expire NETPROFIT_VISIT +expire NEWSLETTER_REGISTRATIONS +expire ORDERS_PER_CUSTOMER + expire PERCENT_PRODUCT_OUT_OF_STOCK + expire PRODUCT_AVG_GROSS_MARGIN +expire PRODUCTS_PER_CATEGORY +expire TOP_CATEGORY +expire UPDATE_MODULES +expire ENABLED_LANGUAGES +expire FRONTOFFICE_TRANSLATIONS +expire INSTALLED_MODULES +expire MAIN_COUNTRY +expire
  3. In which files are the updates that fix the loading time? I would rather just replace the files than update the whole store again.
  4. I'd like to add next and previous buttons to the product image on product page, so that the user can look through all pictures with these buttons, exactly like when the image is opened to fancybox. How can I get the next and previous images in javascript? Im thinking something of this sort function nextImage(){ document.getElementById('bigpic').src = next $image.id_image Thanks!
  5. Hi did you ever solve this? I have the same exact problem. Id like to use a custom value (best sellers) as default sort order for some categories and a different (position in caetgory) for the rest. Heres a working tutorial for getting the sort by sales function: http://nemops.com/sort-by-sales-prestashop/#.VFvL5MkQ_WH Also getting sales as the default order can be achieved at least by entering in the database ps_configuration PS_PRODUCTS_ORDER_BY value 8. But havent been able to get a working if category->id == X or other to work. It always uses just the value that is in that data table.
  6. I was able to solve the problem on the default theme, I had made some modifications in product.tpl that caused this - In the product.tpl both the quantity part and the add to cart button need to be under the same instance of <form id="buy_block"> for it to work.
  7. I have the same problem, appeared on the default theme with a fresh install of prestashop. Havent touched the js. files, just the product.tpl Have you figured it our already?
  8. Hello, I would like to exclude items that are marked as "online only" from the product list. The beginning of the product-list.tpl is: <ul id="product_list" class="categorie_product clear"> {foreach from=$products item=product name=products} <li class="ajax_block_product ........etc........> Putting in this: <li {if $product.online_only}style="display:none"{/if}> removes the products from the list, but they still take up space in the list. So I'm thinking the only way is to exclude the products that are set to be online only from the foreach itself, but have no idea how to do this Please help!
  9. The fields into the footer, so that you dont need to go to a separate contact -page.
  10. Did you ever solve this? This would be a much needed here too. The contact form itself is easily displayed in the footer by placing: {include file="$tpl_dir./contact-form.tpl"} in footer.tpl after {$HOOK_FOOTER}, but the form doesnt work then. All ive managed to come up with is trying to include contactcontroller.php in index.php mut no go. Any one have ideas?
  11. Solved by putting left column in header.tpl inside main_center_column and changing width of center_column in global.css and adding float:right!
  12. Hello all, I'm trying to move the home text editor module (slideshow) on the homepage so that it would be beside the left column and not above it. I've managed to accomplish this by moving the left column hook to the header.tpl from the footer.tpl. Like this the homepage looks like I want it to, but when I move away from the homepage, products block and all other content appear below the left column. So I'm guessing I should somehow change the hook of the slideshow? Help is much appreciated !! Attached are two pictures showing the problem.
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